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SMB R77.20 End of Support

Seeing as the Enterprise Software Support Timeline shows R77.20 software for SMB Gateways ending in May 2020 and R77.20 was released in 2015 (more than 4 years ago), should we be expecting a new major version soon? And will it only be for the 2016 SMB appliances or also for the 2012 appliances as well?



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An R80.x based version of SMB code is expected sometime this year.
I assume once that is GA, the "Support Until" date for R77.20 will change.
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In this information i see certain contradictions and assume that they are wrong:


- 6x0 and 11x0 SMB appliances are officially supported until June 2022

- 1200R has no End of Support date yet and should be supported until 2014 at least


On the other hand, we know the last available firmware version for older models:

- SG-80: fw1_dep_R75_983004120_20.img = R75.20.71 Build 983004120

- 6x0 / 11x0: fw1_dep_R77_990172487_20.img = R77.20.80 Build 990172487

- 1200R: fw1_ind_dep_R77_990172583_20.img = R77.20.81 Build 990172583


Afaik, there may be new builds of R77.20.80/81 if they are absolutely needed to fix important bugs or vulnerabilities.


So, R77.20.xx MUST be supported until June 2020 anyway...

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