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Quantum Spark Security Gateways for SMB

Has been around for 2 weeks, but now it is openly shown in UserCenter - SMB is now Quantum Spark:

Quantum Spark Security Gateways for SMB Datasheet

Quantum Spark Security Gateways for SMB Brochure 

Small Business Appliances FAQ

Quantum Spark Security Gateways for SMB Customer Presentation

The brochure reveals that the 1800 is equipped with 32 GB eMMC plus a 256 GB SSD, and we get a performance table from the FAQ:


The name is now Quantum Spark, so the only feature still missing is Maestro support 😎...

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What still is unclear is the amount of RAM installed. 7x0/14x0 have roughly 1GB, my 1550 near 2GB - but what about 1600 / 1800 ?

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Since you can’t upgrade the RAM, putting it on the data sheet isn’t really relevant.
If I had to guess: either 2 or 4GB.

Meanwhile I’m pretty sure the formal public announcement is still coming at CPX, though we did talk about the new SMB appliances at our Sales Kick Off.

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more.. 🙂

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Nice to see new SMB boxes,
Am missing PoE support.
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Looks pretty good to me in sk168880:

Locally Managed Enhancements

  • New Threat Prevention blade control: Unified Threat Prevention policy, easy and intuitive to set and control
  • New SSL inspection enforcement: Simultaneously support light SSL and Full SSL inspection
  • Improved High Availability mechanism
  • VPN Two-Factor Authentication
  • Geo Protection via updatable objects
  • TLS Inspection and categorization (SNI support)
  • SMP Cluster Management
  • Security checkups

Centrally Managed Enhancements

  • Policy layers and sub-policy support for centrally managed mode   
  • Unified access policy support for centrally managed mode (Firewall, Application Control, and URL Filtering) 
  • Unified Threat Prevention policy (IPS, Anti-Virus, Anti-Bot, and Threat Emulation Software Blade policies)
  • Acceleration of Domain Objects, Dynamic Objects, and Time Objects for centrally managed mode
  • Wildcard network object in Access Control that represents a series of IP addresses that are not sequential
  • Smart-1 Cloud Support
  • Automatic SIC renewal

Centrally and Locally Managed Enhancements

  • IMAPs email inspection
  • POP3s email inspection
  • Automatic Device recognition and discovery
  • Multicore VPN and VPN acceleration
  • Secured syslog
  • Additional ciphers support for HTTPS Inspection (see sk104562)
  • WatchTower application enhanced features

Networking Enhancements

  • Link aggregation (bonding) on LAN and WAN
  • Managing Bond with Cluster
  • Supporting VLAN on Switch
  • Alias IP
  • Support for up to 100 VLANs
  • Improved link monitoring
  • Cluster Fast failover with dynamic routing
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