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SMB Appliances and SMP

Have a question about our Small Business Security and Branch Office Security solutions? This is where to ask! This includes the 600, 700, 900, 1400, and 1500 Series appliances, Security Management Portal, and legacy SMB appliances (UTM-1 EDGE, Safe@).

patarun91 inside SMB Appliances and SMP yesterday
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How ISP redundancy does work

I have configured two ISPs on one of my gateway , I have assigned 70% and 30% weight age on each ISP.I just wanted to understand what algorithm is follow to maintain this. Regards,Arun Pathak

Clarification on Mobile Access availability in 15xx series

Dear CheckPoint, I found contradiction in your documentation about 15xx series appliances:   1. In this document you mention that Mobile Access is available and extent can be purchased for it (CPSB-MOB-50).   2. But in sk159173 we read: The following R77.20.87 Known Limitations still apply to R80.20: Unsupported features: Mobile Access   May you please clarify which one of these is right ?

1550 identity sharing and drops from failed identity lookups?

I've deployed 2 1550 appliances so far with permanent vpn tunnels to 21800. Both have required rules to bypass app control to get working due to errors like this on fw ctl zedebug dropExample - this drops@;745809;26Nov2019 20:32:25.035701;[cpu_0];[fw4_0];fw_log_drop_ex: Packet proto=17 -> dropped by fwhold_expires Reason: held chain expired; Even with bypass rules for App control i constantly get identity fetch failed which appears to drop some traffic - even though SmartLog doesnt reflect.... (i'm having VOIP issues, this example below is a VOIP phone/VOIP server communication)@;10284017;[cpu_3];[fw4_3];[ERROR]: ida_cmi_async_fetch_log_cb: the identity fetch failed;@;10284317;[cpu_0];[fw4_0];[ERROR]: ida_cmi_async_fetch_log_cb: the identity fetch failed;@;10284317;[cpu_0];[fw4_0];[ERROR]: ida_cmi_async_fetch_log_cb: the identity fetch failed;@;10284349;[cpu_1];[fw4_1];[ ->] [ERROR]: ida_cmi_async_fetch_log_cb: the identity fetch failed;@;10284349;[cpu_1];[fw4_1];[ ->] [ERROR]: ida_cmi_async_fetch_log_cb: the identity fetch failed;@;10284349;[cpu_1];[fw4_1];[ ->] [ERROR]: ida_cmi_async_fetch_log_cb: the identity fetch failed;@;10284349;[cpu_3];[fw4_3];[ERROR]: ida_cmi_async_fetch_log_cb: the identity fetch failed;@;10284349;[cpu_3];[fw4_3];[ERROR]: ida_cmi_async_fetch_log_cb: the identity fetch failed;@;10284349;[cpu_3];[fw4_3];[ERROR]: ida_cmi_async_fetch_log_cb: the identity fetch failed;@;10284349;[cpu_3];[fw4_3];[ERROR]: ida_cmi_async_fetch_log_cb: the identity fetch failed;@;10284374;[cpu_2];[fw4_2];[ERROR]: ida_cmi_async_fetch_log_cb: the identity fetch failed;@;10284374;[cpu_2];[fw4_2];[ERROR]: ida_cmi_async_fetch_log_cb: the identity fetch failed; The idea would be the 21800 central gateway uses Identity Collector Server with ISE to get identities and then share them to remote site gateways (R80.20 embedded doesn't support identity collector - that would have been nice) on 21800 (running R80.20 jumbo 103 pdp connections pep shows| Outgoing | IPXXX.XXXX | 15105 | STJ-BrantfordKC | Single Gateway | Disconnected | Remote | No | on 1550 - some network info has come over - so it must have connected at some pointpep show network pdpTrying to run main_pep--------------------------------------------------------| Network | Mask | Related PDPs |--------------------------------------------------------| | | <21800IP,0>; |--------------------------------------------------------(and many more network lines) pep show network registrationTrying to run main_pep------------------| Network | Mask |------------------nothing pep sh user allTrying to run main_pepCommand: root->show->user->allID (PDP; UID) Username@Machine CID (IP, PacketID) PT=============================================================================================================nothing  So far nothing but issues with 1550's compared to 1450's... a bit dissapointed.... Anyways open to any ideas since SMB appliance issues never seem to be a priority for TAC... thx     
humt inside SMB Appliances and SMP Friday
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Firmare automatic upgrade not working

I am trying to upgrade firmware but it is not updating automatic. When i ask CP support. CP told to contact your supplier. And now supplier is not replying. No contact details except email. Please help me if anyone. It is really ridiculous when we purchase and we don't have control on the product. I am become looser after i purchase this product from Amazon becuase no support from anywhere where in market selling 3 years warranty. 
BLD inside SMB Appliances and SMP Thursday
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1550 Appliance unexpected reboots

Hi.We have had the appliance for a few weeks.In the past 5 days our notification logs show 3 "unexpected reboot" notices. We have had no power or other issues in our site. How can we get more information to find the cause of these reboots? We have found nothing in the logs. Do logs survive a reboot?Firmaware version is R80.20 (992000668)Thanks. 
inside SMB Appliances and SMP Thursday
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SMB - New Product announcement - 1500 Series Security Gateways

Hi All We are happy to announce The release of the new 1500 series security gateways for SMBs. Our first Models to be announced are the 1550 and 1590 gateways which set new standards of protection against the most advanced fifth-generation cyber attacks. The 1550 and 1590 gateways are powered by Check Point’s R80 release. R80 is the industry’s most advanced security management software, and includes multi-layered next-generation protection from both known threats and zero-day attacks using the award-winning SandBlast™ Zero-Day Protection, plus antivirus, anti-bot, IPS, app control, URL filtering and identity awareness.    The 1500 Security Gateways offer integrated, multi-layered security in a compact desktop form factor. Setup can be done in minutes using pre-defined security policies and our step-by-step configuration wizard. Check Point 1500 Security Gateways are conveniently manageable both locally via a Web interface and centrally by means of a cloud-based Check Point Security Management Portal (SMP) or R80 Security Management. The new 1500 series empowers Small and Midsize businesses with Enterprise Grade Security: 100% block score for malware prevention for email and web, exploit resistance and post-infection catch rate, as seen in the NSS Labs’ recent Breach Prevention Systems (BPS) Group Test Up to 2 times more performance from previous generations. The 1550 Gateway offers 450Mbps of threat prevention performance, and the 1590 Gateway offers 660Mbps The 1550 provides maximum firewall throughput of 2Gbps and the 1590 provides maximum firewall throughput of 4Gbps The 1550 features six 1GbE ports and the 1590 features ten 1GbE ports. Check Point WatchTower mobile application, enables IT staff to monitor their networks and quickly mitigate security threats on the go from their mobile device Out-of-the-box zero-touch provisioning allows for under 1-minute setup IoT devices discovery and recognition for accurate security policy definition.   Want to know more ? Visit the 1500 Series Security Gateways SK   And the R80.20 for Small and Medium Business Appliances     For full product specifications, visit:     Amir Ayalon | SMB Project Management Team LeaderCheck Point SW Technologies. | ( +972-733-79-8629| Mobile: +972-545-787673 *
Patrick_Tuttle1 inside SMB Appliances and SMP Wednesday
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1590 Upgrading Ques

Hello CheckMates; We are evaluating the SMB 1500 (R80.20) and I went to test the upgrading method using smart update and realized I cannot find the tgz file only the img file. Is this method going away? or is it because the code is new that it takes a little while for it show up in tgz format ?These devices would be rolled out in a SCADA environment without access to the internet so doing upgrades from the Manager would be preferable. Thanks-pat
matthieu_euzen inside SMB Appliances and SMP Wednesday
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Display URLs in local logs

Hello everybody,Could you please help me with the following problem?I'm currently in possession of a Check Point 1550 Appliance.I don't have any licence for the smartconsole, however I would like to know if the URLs could be displayed in the local logs thanks to the SSL inspection.Thanks in advance for your help!
Raj_Khatri inside SMB Appliances and SMP Wednesday
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ISP Redundancy

Is ISP Redundancy supported on centrally managed gateways?  I don't see the option in R80.20 management console, in the Other section of the gateway.  However, ISP Redundancy option exists on firewall WebUI in the Internet section.When viewing non-SMB firewalls in management console, the ISP Redundancy options exist in the Other section of the gateway.
Krolik inside SMB Appliances and SMP Tuesday
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GPL source code for ROUTER CHECK POINT 600 L-50WD SG-80A

Hello everybody,Where I can find Your GPL sources? I bought ROUTER CHECK POINT 600 L-50WD SG-80A and I would like to obtain FOSS source code for embedded software.Can You help me?Regards,Pawel
Daniel_Bourne inside SMB Appliances and SMP Tuesday
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Replacing 1100 with 3000 series. Export site to site VPN settings?

We are upgrading a device in one of our remote offices from an 1100 (R77.20) to a 30000 (R80.XX)  appliance.  there are about 25 site to site VPN's currently configured on this device.  I realise that it isn't possible to restore a config from the 1100 to the 30000, but can I export the site to site VPN settings, preshared keys etc?  I really do not want to have to recreate all of those VPN rules.Thanks
naren_nd inside SMB Appliances and SMP Tuesday
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SMB FW is not able to terminate the session after received the RST ACK packet from the server

Happy New year to all! It is a best practice to use the random source port. One of our customers is implementing a third party application that uses the same source and destination non-standard TCP port (50150). The first session gets established successfully. The application tries to re-establishing another session ( after 4 seconds) using the same source and destination port if the previous session gets a break. FW considers a new session request ( SYN request) as part of the existing established session as it was neither terminated properly nor used the different source port. Therefore, the application is unable to re-established the session.Just wondering do anyone from you came across with a similar situation? If yes then what was the resolution?Appreciate your inputs.
G_W_Albrecht inside SMB Appliances and SMP a week ago
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Locally managed SMBs .def files for VPN fine-tuning

This is a follow-up to SMB units SMS files for VPN fine-tuning after reading Yuri Slobodyanyuk's blog on IT Security and Networking. He speaks of changes to .def files like crypt.def for VPN Fine-Tuning that are usually made on the SMS and installed on a GW by a policy install. SMB units also have these files - crypt.def can be found in /pfrm2.0/config1/fw1/lib/ or /pfrm2.0/config2/fw1/lib/ and in /opt/fw1/lib/crypt.def.The VPN configuration from sk108600 VPN Site-to-Site with 3rd party and sk86582 Excluding subnets in encryption domain from accessing a specific VPN community can also be found on locally managed SMBs crypt.def and edited there. As locally managed SMB units have no manual policy install command to recompile and apply these changes, Yuri points out that reboot would activate the new settings, but also, a much easier way is available ("not listed in any Checkpoint documentation", but you can find it in sk97949, sk100278 and sk108274), changes can be applied by issuing:[Expert]# fw_configloadThe sk100278 gives two commands to apply changes from an edited $FWDIR/conf/trac_client_1.ttm file:[Expert]# fw_configload[Expert]# sfwd_restartSo i have asked R&D for more information and i have received the following as the officially supported procedures: In locally managed SMB appliances it’s possible to edit /opt/fw1/lib/crypt.def, but user.def is not officially supported. Also note that sk30919 does not list SMB as relevant Product. Only crypt.def can be modified, and afterwards ‘vpn_configload’ is good enough for the change to take effect.Supported for locally managed SMB appliances are changes to crypt.def to enable VPN features not available in WebGUI or CLI. We learn that the files from /pfrm2.0/config1/ or /pfrm2.0/config2/ are linked to /opt/fw1/lib/. And we learn the command vpn_configload !
Benedikt_Weissl inside SMB Appliances and SMP a week ago
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New Medium Business Appliance with 10G

Hello everybody,are there any plans to release a entry level small/medium business appliance with affordable 10G Interfaces? Something to compete with a Sophos XG210 or FG50X?
kb1 inside SMB Appliances and SMP a week ago
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this is very urgent, need help with natting

so im trying to nat traffic on my checkpoint 1100 appliance and unable to do so, no idea what mistake im making here, the ips that im using are 192.86.81.x,192.86.81.x,192.86.81.x and 192.86.81.x (4 of them), i was told that these ips should exist only on the firewall (so i created network host objects for each of these ips which im not sure of) , firewall has 2 interfaces lan5 and lan2 where the lan5 belongs to the unsecure network and the lan2 belongs to the secure network, so traffic flows into the lan5 interface from the gi0/1 interface of the router that it is connected to and is supposed (attaching a picture of a rough diagram of the network) to be natted to 10.169.x.x , 149.122.x.x, 149.122.x.x, 149.122.x.x respectively, now how do i accomplish this? i created an automatic rule for the 192.86.81.x ips where i specified the natted ips of 10.169.x.x , 149.122.x.x, etc accordingly (by double clicking the 192.86.x.x object i went into the nat part and chose static and specified the respective natted ips of 10.169.x.x , 149.122.x.x, etc) and then i published and installed the policy on the firewall, but when my co worker from the network team tries to ping say 192.86.81.x he does not receive any response, even when i try to ping these 192.86.81.x ips from the firewall itself i get no response, so what wrong am i doing here?  so as you can see in the diagram above traffic is supposed to flow in from the up arrow into the router then into gi0/1 and then into lan5 of the firewall which is where its supposed to get natted and then go out out lan2 into gi0/2 of the router and upwards. ive already configured routing and also configured the rules to allow any traffic flowing from gi0/1 into all the mentioned ips, so i know that its not because of some rule that is blocking the ping from gi0/1 of the router, since even i cannot ping the ips of 192.86.81.x from the firewall itself. the ips of 10.169.x.x, 149.122.x.x, etc are all pingable since these are alredy up and running.So need help urgently!!