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G_W_Albrecht inside SMB Appliances and SMP Monday
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SMB Backup firmware version from CLI

Im Embedded GAiA WebGUI, i can see the factory firmware version under Devices > System > System Operations. But clish in # show diag only displays the active firmware version. But is there any possible clish command to show it ?
humt inside SMB Appliances and SMP Friday
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wan cable disconnected

I am continous getting the error WAN Cable disconnected. I am trying to connect Internet PPPoe . I am using 730appliane. 
G_W_Albrecht inside SMB Appliances and SMP Thursday
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R77.20.87 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator

They did it again - in addition to sk151574: R77.20.87 for Small and Medium Business Appliances, we now have the fresh new sk153433: R77.20.87 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator with the new firmware image Build 2960. Nice to have a new build and a list of resolved issues - but for what reason name it Jumbo HF (which it is not, just a plain installation image containing fixed components) ? Or will R77.20.87 stay as a kind of final version for 7x0/9110/14x0 models that will get updated this Jumbo HF way from now on ?
JuanMora inside SMB Appliances and SMP Thursday
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set up a 1400 in a management

I did the provisioning of the 1400 gateway and it worked correctly but when creating application control policies I get the following error
Stephan_Kremer inside SMB Appliances and SMP a week ago
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Force NAT-T for S2S VPN with two DAIP locally managed appliances

Hi all, I have two locally managed DAIP gateways (620 & 730). I need to create a site-to-site VPN between them: 620 -----> NAT device ------> Internet ------> NAT device -----> 730 730 is configured that only remote site opens the connection. 620 is using the hostname to open the connection. Authentication is based on certificates and IKEv1 is used. Using the hostname to connect, NAT-T is not used and so the tunnel is not established. If I temporary change the connection from hostname to IP between static NAT, then the tunnel comes up because NAT-T is used.My question: how can I force the gateway to use NAT-T when connecting to a hostname instead of an IP? Many thanks, Stephan
Piotr_Wasilewsk inside SMB Appliances and SMP 2 weeks ago
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outlook imap connections broken

HelloI am not quite sure if it is even problem od my 790 appliances, but it happens only in our offices. Every so often Outlook IMAP connections get blocked on sending / receiving emails. When it happens, progress bar freezes in half. After that I cannot close Outlook in ordinary way and I have to do it by task manager killing process. Next start everything works correct but only until next stop.It started many months ago, but first I thought it will go with next MS Office update. Time is running out and still many different versions of Outlook perform not better.This does not happens outside office, not on every station but in all offices where we have 7x0 appliances.Our mail server is hosted by ISP.I have IPS, Anti-Virus, Anti-Bot and Applications & URL Filtering activated while Anti-Spam, Threat Emulation, QoS not and SSL Inspection set to HTTPS Categorization. I have also standard policy set on FW and other blades. I block security risk categories and "other undesired applications".Does anyone suffers from similar problem and knows solution, please?
Ilmo_Anttonen inside SMB Appliances and SMP 2 weeks ago
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WatchTower feature request

I like the idea of the app and my first thought was to use it at one of my customers with several hundreds of SMB appliances stationed in buildings to guard OT systems. Since custom notifications are available according to the description, I could have a notice sent every time one of the appliance dropped their VPN-tunnel to central mgmt or when the Internet link went down. That way we could fix them before a janitor notices that the buildings' gone cold because it had no access to weather forecasts ^^,But unfortunately the app is only available for locally managed according to release notes .Is there a problem with having a feature set like notifications made available also for centrally managed appliances? What is the barrier not allowing centrally managed devices to register with the WatchTower app?I know that Smart Mobile is on it's way but I don't know if it will support these kinds of notifications.
Baasanjargal_Ts inside SMB Appliances and SMP 2 weeks ago
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SMB scheduled backup

Hello, I want to set scheduled backup. File storage is configured like that. If i want to get backup locally, is this right.? 
inside SMB Appliances and SMP 2 weeks ago
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UTM-1 Edge support on R80.30 And R80.40

Hi All, If you are using UTM-1 Edge devices and are managing them centrally, please be advised that R80.30 is the last management version to support such edge devices. UTM-1 Edge devices will not be supported in R80.40. Check Point believe that it is essential to keep security current and up to date. Part of the this process it to refresh our appliances. During 2016 Check Point released new line of appliances delivering the latest security replacing the 1100 series and UTM-1 Edge series. We urge all our customers to upgrade to the latest security appliances. The central management of UTM-1 Edge is no longer possible starting R80.40 and above. For management users who plan an upgrade to R80.40 we recommend that you also upgrade your Edge gateways to a newer model. While still using Edge, do not upgrade your management to R80.40.   Thanks     Amir Ayalon | SMB Project Management Team LeaderCheck Point SW Technologies. | ( +972-733-79-8629
Rafal_NIedbala inside SMB Appliances and SMP 2 weeks ago
views 4954 10 2

1400 - VLAN trunk on LAN ports?

I can't find way how to configure multiple ports to that same VLANs. Is it possible?I want to have two first ports configured for exmaple in vlan 2 and vlan 3.
lajie93 inside SMB Appliances and SMP 3 weeks ago
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SMB APPLIANCE Max ID Awareness session

Hello team,What is the (default) maximum number session  for one ID Awareness account  on for SMB appliance ?And if allowed multiple session, how to limit it (for example at only one session)
JorgeCR inside SMB Appliances and SMP 3 weeks ago
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Google Cloud Platform

We are seeing lot of traffic to Google Cloud Platform in our network.  Its primary category is Computers/Internet, but we are wondering what this traffic is since, as I said, it is a lot.
skreitler inside SMB Appliances and SMP 3 weeks ago
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Check Point 730 Wireless Question

I have a Check Point 730 and I was wondering if there was a way to make it a wireless client?  I have another enterprise firewall that has this ability.  I have a mobile hotspot that is my back up internet and don't want to have to have 2 devices running to have back up internet. 730 -Wired-> Other Firewall -Wifi-> Mobile Hotspot --> Internet Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you
kasper777 inside SMB Appliances and SMP 4 weeks ago
views 112 1

Dmz question

Hii have a checkpoint 730if I’m connecting a device to the dmz port, will I need a vpn in order to connect from outside?
packetintransit inside SMB Appliances and SMP 4 weeks ago
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What is the latest/recommended firmware version for CP 1430 appliance?

Hi guys,I received my CP 1430 appliance and i am wondering what is the latest/recommended firmware version for CP 1430 appliance? I am currently running below: Appliance:Check Point 1430 Appliance (Checkpoint1430)Security Management:Locally managedVersion (Firmware):R77.20.75 (990172321) Another question is: What is the best scenario to configure appliance behind cisco router? Cheers D