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SMB Appliances and SMP

Have a question about our Small Business Security and Branch Office Security solutions? This is where to ask! This includes the 600, 700, 900, 1400, and 1500 Series appliances, Security Management Portal, and legacy SMB appliances (UTM-1 EDGE, Safe@).

Thomas_Dunlap inside SMB Appliances and SMP 5 hours ago
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Monitor VPN Tunnel Using SNMP

Check Point 730 ApplianceVersion: R77.20.87 (990173004)I have a VPN tunnel between two (2) Check Point 730 Appliances. Both have the same firmware version.  Tunnel works most of the time but occasionally it fails.  I have not been able to determine how this failure is recorded in the System logs.  N...
John_Fleming inside SMB Appliances and SMP Friday
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End point connect connectivity issues - DPD - Negotiation with site failed

So its a day ending with the word day so I've stumbled across another issue with my 1500.After bringing up the 1550 I noticed my remote access users didn't work anymore with end point connect but did with SNX and IOS end point connect.Some debugging on the client and I found  [ 4132 4180][11 Feb 13:...
junior_kakou inside SMB Appliances and SMP Thursday
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Download acces policy (rules for downloading)

Hello;I want to allow users to downloadfilms during break hours (between 12:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.).I use checkpoint 1490, how can I make the setting.thank you
HristoGrigorov inside SMB Appliances and SMP Thursday
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Temporary connectivity loss

Hi,   Have any of you experienced situation where connectivity between different LAN networks is loss after (or during) high system load ?   That's 1470 with R77.20.87 Build 990173004.
pmship inside SMB Appliances and SMP Thursday
views 243 8

Couln't save sysctl variables

Hello!Unfortunately i don't know right category for my question... Sorry!I have CheckPoint 600 Appliance with R77.20.20 firmware. There is a proble like, but "To view this solution, Adv...
G_W_Albrecht inside SMB Appliances and SMP Wednesday
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1550 hosts encountered an exploit attempt

CheckPoint SmartView is a good tool for log reviews with its templates like Attacks Allowed by Policy. During IPS profile testing on the 1550 - you had to limit IPS protections in a special SMB profile with the older Embedded GAiA models while 1550 / R80.20 now has a TP policy like all GAiA GWs do -...
G_W_Albrecht inside SMB Appliances and SMP Wednesday
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New LED on 1500

Two days ago, sk123865 LED indicators on Embedded GAIA appliances has been edited. The LED descriptions for the 1500 models have been added ! And one completely new LED is present here: 3 Management LED Interesting thing about the LED: It is only used during Zero Touch installation process and when ...
Oliver-Hamel inside SMB Appliances and SMP Tuesday
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Problems with multiple 1550 appliance behind NAT device (same external IP) and VPN

Hi,we are facing problems with central managed 1550 devices (LSM & Provisioning) behind NAT device (several 1550 coming from same public IP to VPN center).The IKE phase I in center is mapped to the public IP of the peer (1550 behind NAT) instead of another identifier like internal ID or DN.Therefore...

central managemnt mode

Hello i switched CP 1430 from Local mgmt mode to central mgmt mode and i can no longer access the device using the remote VPN . I can still ping the WAN ip so i know its online. What are my options i need to get into the box and set the SIC password or revert to local mode somewhow. i am not physica...
lbcadenco10 inside SMB Appliances and SMP Tuesday
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Gaia Embedded Syslog Severity

Anyone know how to change the syslog severity on Gaia Embedded appliances? I've seen sk92798 but this appears to only apply to Gaia appliances. I edited /etc/syslog.conf to only send warning and higher level logs to our remote syslog servers but "logger -p info2" and "tcpdump" shows info...
John_Fleming inside SMB Appliances and SMP a week ago
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SMP Portal configuring remote syslog hosts

So this seems.. odd.. I signed up my 1550 into the SMP portal, which i'm not sure if i'm digging so far but thats another story.I was poking around in syslog configuration and ran across this. $ModLoad$LocalHostName |stuff|$DefaultNetstreamDriverCAFile /opt/fw1/bin/ca-bundle.crt$ActionSe...
sasac inside SMB Appliances and SMP a week ago
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sk100610-Error has occurred while applying the Firewall settings (error 00351)

I am trying to SNMP poll a checkpoint 600 from a LibreNMS (connected to local LAN of the applicance) and even with the firewall policy switched off the firewall log reports the SNMP traffic is "Blocked on rule 0 Outgoing policy violation".Any changes to the appliance cause a system Notification pop-...
John_Fleming inside SMB Appliances and SMP a week ago
views 282 7

What is supported for SNMP?

Hi so I'm having a hard time understanding what is supported for polling. I was going through the mib file located on the SMB device and found OIDs for pulling licensing info. Snmpwalk of the tree returns nothing. Like empty strings (I guess that is technically something).. its not saying the OID do...
John_Fleming inside SMB Appliances and SMP a week ago
views 192 3

no way to view switch mac address database

I think in cisco terms this is called the CAM table (show mac address-table address $MAC), but since checkpoint is making SMBs with many switch ports (really even with 4 this should be possible) they really need to show the user where MACs. As in port 1, port 2, port 3 etc.  For example out of the b...
jh00nbr inside SMB Appliances and SMP a week ago
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Checkpoint SMB locally managed 1490 - VPN SITE-TO-SITE - Two ISPs Links HA

      Hey Guys I'm closing a S2S VPN with a Sonicwall, and I'm having some problems with the SMB 1490 Locally managed when closing the tunnel with two ISPs Links enabled, it just doesn't close. When I disable the second link (DMZ) the VPN closes the tunnel normally, when it is connected it does not ...