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Vpn on a different Internet connection

Hi to all,

On a 730 firewall I have an Internet connection.

Now I have created using LAN4 a new Internet connection which is UP.

On the firewall I had some VPNs, which pointed to the first IP and through the client they work correctly.

I created two new VPNs and pointed them to the IP of the new connection.

The VPN connection is regularly established by the CP client.

However, when I try to connect in remote desktop to a workstation, the connection is refused.

This does not happen with the old connection.

Can someone help me?

Thank You and Best Regards



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Are these site-to-site VPNs or Client-to-Site VPNs?
More information about the configuration would help.
Also, have you tried other things like ping to verify you have basic connectivity?
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Thank You for feedback.

First, these are Client-to-Site VPNs.

It might help if  I explained in detail the configuration.

1) I have two internet connections, so configured



2) I created a user in this way


3) In the VPN client I created two different connections, one for internet1 and the other for internet2


4) I did a connection test with both vpn and the test was successful.


5) If I try to access a workstation with VPN1 in Remote Desktop, the operation is successful and I can ping any device on the remote network.

6) If I try to do the same thing with VPN2, the Remote Desktop fails and I have this message:


Also I can't ping any device.

I hope I have answered your question.

Please, can You help me?

Best Regards




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I have solved. From Device-->Advanced must be enabled "VPN Remote Access - Office Mode Enable With Multiple Interfaces".

Thank You and best regards