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Is there a hardware difference between CPAP-SG750-NGTP and CPAP-SG750-NGTX

Is there a hardware difference between the CPAP-SG750-NGTP and CPAP-SG750-NGTX?  According to the datasheet there is not a difference but there seems to be a major price difference.  Can a CPAP-SG750-NGTP be upgraded to a CPAP-SG750-NGTX?  I was told by a checkpoint rep that they are different hardware so if that is true then would the NGTX have better throughput for traffic with the Sandblast blade turned off when compared to a NGTP?  Any assistance would be grateful as I am trying to decide between the 3yr promo for the SG750-NGTP or the 1yr SG750-NGTX.

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For any given appliance, the difference between NGTP and NGTX is the license.

That is no different on the 750.

Generally you can upgrade to NGTX later.


Dameon is correct.

In fact, there is no actual hardware difference between a 730 and 750. Also, 770=790, 1430=1450, 1470=1490.

What really makes the difference is the license.

When you get the box it might say 750 NGTX, but if you check the model it will be the same as a 730 NGTP. However, the model might change depending on Wifi, PoE, etc.


That is very true here - what really makes the difference is the license ! You can even upgrade from 1470 to 1490 that have identical hardware, see Upgrade 1470 to 1490 for details.


Thank you for the answers.  So it seems that if I can purchase a SG750 NGTX close to the price of the NGTP then I should probably go with the NGTX model?  Funny enough this is for home use and for learning purposes.  Not really sure how useful the sandbox feature will be since it is it a cloud based service which will never be used as my work but could still be fun to look into.  I have an old 600 series but it doesn't have the capability to fully use my SDP.

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For enterprise deployments, you can use on-premise appliances to do the emulation if you prefer.