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Gaia Embedded PPPoE with Service Name


We have a 1490 Appliance and the customer wants to connect the ISP through the WAN Port using the PPPoE Connection. The PPPoE Connection additionally requires the "Service Name" of the ISP Provider to also be added.

The configuration is done by configuring the PPPoE Username and Password and the Service Name in the advanced Settings. However, when the customer tries to connect, the connection fails with the error "PPP: Authentication Failed".

However, the moment, 1490 is replaced by a normal Broadband Router of TP-Link/Iball, etc...the same username-password along with the Service name works fine and the internet is connected.

1) Is there a mechanism to check if the 1490 is taking the service name and passing the same for authentication

2) How we troubleshoot and fix the issue.




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Maybe /var/log/messages as a starting point? I'd also suggest a TAC case.

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