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Default VPN Certificate Expired

Good evening to all.

I have an 1100 appliance in use for internet connectivity.

A few days back my VPN built in certificate expired not allowing me to have any remote access to my network.

I have tried to reinitialize the VPN certificate with no sucess, it still says expired any connection attempt.

Since this is a default option that never "expires" so to speak, is there any other known way to reactivate

this remote access vpn login procedure ?

i have read that the VPN certificate lasts for 5 years, as it appears on the device web management screen.

Your help or ideas, will be much appreciated.

Best regards,


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Which firmware version is installed and can you provide a screenshot ?

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Did you succeed in resolving the issue yet ?

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I had a similar issue with a 600 embedded smb device today.

Also tried to re-initialise the cert from the command line - it just gave a bunch of errors.

What worked for me was upgrading the device to the latest firmware and then changing the ddns name so that the device re-initialised the vpn certs.

Hope this helps.

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