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1470 - Policy not working working


I have created two policies in checkpoint 1470 but it is not working properly as expected. 

The first policy is like -

source (new IP group)---Destination (server ip-121)-----services(port no.)---Allow.

and other policy is like

Source (any) ----Destination (server ip-121) -----service(any)----Block.


After this, I am still able to access the server IP from different IP other then group IP. Allow policyAllow policyBlock policyBlock policy

According to the above policy no one access the IP-121 from unknown IP address, but it not happening.

What could be the issue here ?

Please help.

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It would be good to look at the log entries - which rule accepts the connection ? Are you in strict mode so only your manually defined rules are valid ?

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Can we move this to SMB ? This has nothing to do with Endpoint > Endpoint Security Products ...

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