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1200R - Power Supply Question

#1200R #Power supply

We have two ways to connect the power source to the unit.

1) how to verify if the power source connected is actually from rear or front(DC terminal block). 

2) Whether firewall support both power connected, if yes would it auto failover if one fail?

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1200R support two power feeds.

• AC: 100-240V, 50 – 60 Hz (power adapter operating temp: 0 to 40°C)

• DC: 12V-72V, -48V DC

It does support auto failover, once one power feed is failing, power is switched to the second input.

(ORing diode between the 2 sources)

If both are connected and Active, DC takes precedence.



Thanks Amir. Is there a command that i could use to verify which one is used currently?

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The command that gives the most information is show diag, I don't have a 1200R to test it, but that is where I would look for it.

Regards, Maarten

Could be that show diag does not show that - i have no DC power connected, just AC PSU, and i only see:

Current system info
Image name: R77_990172286_20_75
Image version: 286
Bootloader version: 990170212
HW MAC Address: 00:1C:7F:
LAN MAC Address: 00:1C:7F:
DMZ MAC Address: 00:1C:7F:
Unit version: 1
Unit model: L61i
Marketing capabilities: 0
Marketing name: <Undefined>
ODM Hardware Revision: <Undefined>
Management opaque: Kb2XMJTTeWk=:xaYS3i++sLw=:zRlzLIL82ek=
Hardware capabilities: 1 - SD card
RTC status: OK
eMMC Initial bad blocks: 0
eMMC Current bad blocks: 0
eMMC Spare blocks: 118
On board temperature: 39.0C (valid: -40C ~ 85C)
CPU temperature:      39.0C (valid: -40C ~ 96C)
Voltage VCC3 :        3.3V (valid: 3.135V ~ 3.465V)
Voltage DDR  :        1.4V (valid: 1.2825V ~ 1.4175V)
Voltage v1.0 :        1.0V (valid: 0.95V ~ 1.05V)
Voltage VCore:        0.9V (valid: 0.82V ~ 0.935V)
Voltage VCC5:         5.0V (valid: 4.75V ~ 5.25V)
Voltage RTC VBAT:     0.0V (valid: 1.7V ~ 3.7V)
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Yes thats right, with DC connected I couldnt notice any difference.