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Login requests after first VPN login to company network

Hi Community,

we are using the Checkpoint software many years in our company to connect to our VPN network. Until Windows 7 support end we use the endpoint Windows software without problems.
Since Windows 10 our global IT prefer the using of the Capsule VPN app in Windows 10 to setup the connection. This also works fine. But most of the users want the software back because there is a smarter overview if they connected or not in the tray and I dont have setup the VPN site for every single user again and again at a computer.

Basicly if I install and setup the E83.10_CheckPointVPN software all is working fine, also the login. But after I am connected, some more login windows from the software comes up and want the creddentials again. The different in this cases is, that the software change the used firewall from our company network. We have a bigger Active Directory and every plant have their own firewall. But as I remember, under Windows 7 this problem was not coming up - I connect 1 time to my firewall and can work until I disconnect.

Can somebody tell me if there a setting or a hint to prevent this?

Thank you!


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Please check this sk44073 

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