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Remote Access Solutions

The place to discuss all of Check Point's Remote Access VPN solutions, including Mobile Access Software Blade, Endpoint Remote Access VPN, SNX, Capsule Connect, and more!

JG inside Remote Access Solutions yesterday
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Do I need the mobile access blade?

This is a question that I believe I already know is no. I have mobile clients which I'm backhauling and filtering traffic to the internet via the remote secure access client. I'm using IPSEC on the client not SSL. So, in this case it's using the VPN blade to backhaul the traffic. My question is do I need the mobile access blade on at all? I wouldn't think so because they don't work at all similarly. However, under mobile access is where I applied my certificate which is being used to authenticate the client. Is there a dependency on the mobile access blade?
Rodrigo_Silva inside Remote Access Solutions Thursday
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Checkpoint VPN with Microsoft 2-Factor Authentication

Hello everyoneI would like to share with you how I managed to get VPN users to use Microsoft Azure Multi-Factor Authentication.I saw in some posts that this was possible by using MFA Server, but Microsoft stopped offering MFA Server on July 1, 2019.What I needed to do:1 - Office 365 users with MFA enabled.2 - Dedicated NPS Server.All Radius requests made to this server will have MFA directed to Microsoft.3 - NPS extension for Azure MFAThis extension will direct your MFA requests to Microsoft.You can find the installation and download instructions at the link below. user can define which method will be used in the Microsoft portal.I tested the methods below on VPN Clients, Mobile Access and Capsule Workspace and they all worked perfectly.- Notification through mobile app- Verification code from mobile app- Text message to phoneI hope this post helps youGood luck
Todo inside Remote Access Solutions Monday
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Endpoint Security VPN connection under Windows domain account not working

Hello,If I have a computer outside the domain network, VPN works fine.If my computer is part of a domain network, VPN does not work.I tried it on several computers, outside and part of the domain.The same result every time.The same version of Windows, VPN client, and credentials.I use Windows Server 2016, client Windows 10 1903 or 1909.It is necessary to influence the domain policy and eventually how? Thank 
Alexander_Hatz inside Remote Access Solutions a week ago
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VPN Client 80.90 on Windows Server 2012: TrGUI.exe – mf.dll is missing

We're successfully running VPN Client 98.60.45 on Windows Server 2012 R2 in Endpoint Security VPN mode. In 2016 we've installed from a file called srE80.62_Win10.msi.Now we are asked to update to a more recent version. I downloaded E80.90 Remote Access Clients for Windows (E80.90_CheckPointVPN.msi) and installed on our testing server. Now trgui.exe is facing problems: The program can't start because MF.dll is missing … – see attachment.Did I pick a wrong msi file? Does trgui.exe not run on Server 2012?What I tried:Since we're not using trgui.exe and we're only calling trac to connect/disconnect, I disabled trgui.exe from HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run und configured watchdog.xml to ignore trgui.exe. Now things seem to run fine (without the taskbar icon) and I can run trac.exe to connect and disconnect to the remote site as desired.Is it possible to run VPN client on Win Server 2012 just using an official installation file without tweaking? Which file do I need to download?
peter_schumache inside Remote Access Solutions a week ago
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What types of Remote access on SMB 1550

What types of remote access solutions are supported on the new 1550 appliances?
Luigi_Vezzoso1 inside Remote Access Solutions a week ago
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Manual Installation of SNX in Windows Machine

Hi,is there a method to install the SNX for Windows via Software Distribution (SCCM, etc)?
gf inside Remote Access Solutions 2 weeks ago
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Change certificate DN in displayed in Check Point Endpoint Security VPN

Hi,We're using the Check Point Endpoint Security VPN with smartcard (certificate) authentication. As there are a few different certificates on these smartcards I have two questions:- Is it possible to only show specific certificates in the user client GUI?- Is it possible to make the parsing of the DN more user friendly so that the user easily knows what certificate to use from the list? For example: Can I choose what DN value should be displayed in the list of certificates? Many thanks!
GC-ADMIN inside Remote Access Solutions 2 weeks ago
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ssl vpn autinication from active directory froup

i search for support please i managed to synced my FIREWALL with my AD SERVICESi want to allow only group members from my AD to use check point vpn services for nowall the users that in my AD have ability to pass the vpn autinticate and work from outside my orgPLEASE ADVICE 
Jacson_Ritzmann inside Remote Access Solutions 2 weeks ago
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Endpoint Security VPN E80.64 for Mac CPU 100%

After installation of Endpoint Security VPN E80.64 when the vpn is disconnected the cpu goes to 100%, the volon is the process TracSrvWrapper.Any solution to this problem?
abihsot__ inside Remote Access Solutions 2 weeks ago
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CVPND process consumes 100% CPU

Hi There, I have a problem - during policy push cvpnd process is going 100% for 30 seconds during which existing or new connections are not served and users get page not displayed error. I checked debug of cvpnd process and my findings are that 98% of the lines (out of 2 millions) are:[12609][23 Apr 17:35:12][ROLES] [ROLES (NAC::IS::TD::Events)] NAC::IS::ROLE_MATCHER_API::RangeList::intersect: no intersection[12609][23 Apr 17:35:12][ROLES] [ROLES (NAC::IS::TD::Events)] NAC::IS::ROLE_MATCHER_API::RangeList::intersect: intersecting: [x.x.x.x.,x.x.x.x] and [x.x..x.x,x.x..x.x.x.][12609][23 Apr 17:35:12][ROLES] [ROLES (NAC::IS::TD::Events)] NAC::IS::ROLE_MATCHER_API::RangeList::intersect: no intersection What is this ROLE_MATCHER_API doing? It seems it is flooding the process hence it is busy with 100% load. R80.20 latest JHF 
dale_shang inside Remote Access Solutions 2 weeks ago
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MFA on Remote VPN Users (IPSEC)

Hi, Need suggestion/recommendation. Need to authenticate Remote VPN Users (IPSEC) with two factor authentication, second vasco token via radius setup. Problem: when using Username and Password plus vasco token (via radius), the username and password is short and User does not give Users option to change their password. IT Admin would know their password.Is there any workaround to use MFA for remote vpn users? Thank youVPN GATEWAY: GAIA R80.10 Appliance EndPoint Security VPN client version E81.40 Regards,Dale 
Pierre_Bienaime inside Remote Access Solutions 3 weeks ago
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Check Point Endpoint Security VPN Service only on company-owned devices

Hi Fellow Checkmate Members Can anyone help me in achieving this for my company pretty pleaseScenario:We are using "Check Point Endpoint Security" as a remote access client for VPN users. It is working great with no problem. We are currently "Username+Password" as an authentication mechanism.  The problem we are having is the following:Users can install the client on their own personal devices and connect to the VPN because they are allowed to. Now we want to limit Remove Access VPN connection ONLY using company-owned or company-assigned devices to the user. How do I go about achieving that? We are trying to prevent users from installing the Check Point Endpoint Security client to their personal devices, while not removing their Remote access VPN right on company-owned devices. Please help 😔   
D_W inside Remote Access Solutions 3 weeks ago
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Restrict User to create Capsule VPN IOS App Connection

Hello,I didn't found this in the documentation maybe someone here has an idea.We push the Capsule VPN Config to the IOS via Intune to the users phones.Is there an option to prevent the user to create their own VPN Config in the App?Why? On iOS the we only allow our Company Apps to use the VPN. But when the user creates their own VPN config in Capsule then ALL apps on the iPhone can use the VPN. thxDavid
D_W inside Remote Access Solutions 3 weeks ago
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iOS 13.x Capsule Connect Certificate

Hi all,we use Intune Azure to Roll Out Capsule Connect on iOS Devices. The App is configured as Per-App VPN and authentication via user certificate. Certificate rolled out by SCEP. This works so far!Now we want to change the Roll Out of the Capsule Connect App via the Apple Volume Purchase Program but when we do this the Capsule App cannot see the certificate.Tested on iOS 13.2 and 13.1.2. Checkpoint Capsule Connect Version: 1.600.48Is someone having the same issue or any idea to solve it?Cheers,David 
Paul_Joslin inside Remote Access Solutions 3 weeks ago
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Endpoint Security Client - Post connect script

Can anyone please remind me where in Checkpoint I might set a post connect script to be run on a remote client machine after the Endpoint Security Client has successfully connected remote VPN?  This would be a batch file script is to map network drives & printers etc.  I've looked through the VPN Admin Guide & online, but I'm struggling to find the right information - only instructions with SSL extender.  I've looked in: Policy > Global Properties; GW Properties > Mobile Access; Mobile Access [Tab] > Applications. Thanks in advance...