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Remote Access Solutions

The place to discuss all of Check Point's Remote Access VPN solutions, including Mobile Access Software Blade, Endpoint Remote Access VPN, SNX, Capsule Connect, and more!

kb1 inside Remote Access Solutions 8 hours ago
views 10

Reagrding checkpoint portal, need help!

So it looks like we had users from a particular ad group not able to login to the checkpoint portal(they ), so apparently my colleague fixed the issue by adding that group and installing the policy, now im not too familiar with checkpoint portal so i have no idea how he did that, i type in the name ...
kayzersoze inside Remote Access Solutions 8 hours ago
views 511 2

configure dns server for capsule vpn

hello,i want to set dns server in dhcp for capsule vpn users. for office mode vpn i can distribute dns server but on capsule vpn( dns server info not release with dhcp. how can i configure ? (officemod...
titoabidan inside Remote Access Solutions Thursday
views 133 3

Routes distribution throught vpn ssl extender

Hi all,I'm not sure if this request has been already done,if so please let me know where I can find it.Well here is my situation, I've configured a VPN ssl extender and everything is working fine, endpoints are receiving the ip address that I've established but when I type a route print on the endpo...
abiodun_ogunwal inside Remote Access Solutions Wednesday
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Does R80.30 Mobile blade now support snx access?
GatM inside Remote Access Solutions Wednesday
views 200 5

IKE traffic not processed if source port is other than UDP 500

Since updating to R80.10 (from R77.30) we had stability issues with VPN tunnels to our branch offices where we use different vendor products (Bintec). Updating to R80.20 and R80.30 did not solve the problem. We went though all the basics and removed any inconsequences in configuration on both ends (...
Jonathan inside Remote Access Solutions Wednesday
views 134

Mobile Access authentication scheme restriction

Hi,We're using Mobile Access to let employees connect to the office. We use both Checkpoint mobile with certificate and SSL-VPN with a physical token.We implemented a new authentication scheme of Username Password (ldap) + DynamicID (sms) and it's working fine.However, we would like to only allow se...
MasterSomy inside Remote Access Solutions Wednesday
views 138

Choose the Machine Authentication Cetificate

Hi,We wanted to test the new Machine Authentication Feature of the Windows VPN Clients.we are currently facing the problem that we get one Certificate enrolled by default by our AD and we have the certificate to authenticate our Client. The Problem is the VPN Client tries to use the auto enrolled on...
PhongNN inside Remote Access Solutions Monday
views 188 2

The issue with DynamicID

Hi everybodyI am trying to configure Remote Access with DynamicID on R80.10 GWI have a URL from SMS server Team to perform GET method to SMS server like this:http://x.x.x.x:8083/VPNOTP/http/sendmsg?api_id=$APIID&user=vpnotp&password=xxx&to=0901441294&text=TestVPNWhen i paste that link to a browser, ...
Rodrigo_Silva inside Remote Access Solutions a week ago
views 2781 15 11

Checkpoint VPN with Microsoft 2-Factor Authentication

Hello everyoneI would like to share with you how I managed to get VPN users to use Microsoft Azure Multi-Factor Authentication.I saw in some posts that this was possible by using MFA Server, but Microsoft stopped offering MFA Server on July 1, 2019.What I needed to do:1 - Office 365 users with MFA e...
Soeren_Rothe inside Remote Access Solutions 2 weeks ago
views 1466 4 10

C2S - strongSwan (Roadwarrior) and R80.30 - working

******************************WORKING RELEASES:ReleasestrongSwan VersionFedora 315.7.2/K5.3.11-300.fc31      Mint Tumbleweed5.6.4******************************Before you begin, please make sure you have a working Remote Access envir...
peter_schumache inside Remote Access Solutions 2 weeks ago
views 192 2

Secure user access to out of band firewall

We have a 1550 firewall in front of some out of band switches. We want a secure access to these OOB equipment in case of a disater. Mobile access blade is NOT supported by the 1550 models, just the IPSec VPN.What szenarios would be possible here? I'm considering the following:Site-to-Site VPN to the...
PhongNN inside Remote Access Solutions 2 weeks ago
views 193 3

How many tunnel for one user ?

Hi everybodyI have an issue like this:My VPN pool is i try to use Endpoint VPN to connect, the message is appear:"Connection Failed: You cannot receive an Office Mode IP address at this time. Try to connect again. If the problem persists, contact your administrator." I checked o...
rajesh_s inside Remote Access Solutions 2 weeks ago
views 11509 9

Remote access vpn connecting issue

I configure remote access vpn on R77.30, When i try to connect to remote access vpn, ending up with error Site not responding, Any idea what could  be the issue?.
Jeff_Gao inside Remote Access Solutions 2 weeks ago
views 196 3

Connect Failed:Site is not responding

DearAs follow,I try to connect  vpn in computer,but failed. prompt "Connect Failed:Site is not responding"I try to renew certitication,but still no work,i try to with serveal computers,same the result.But it is working by mobile phone with capsule,pls help,thanks! 
Jeroen_Deckers inside Remote Access Solutions 2 weeks ago
views 165 2

Office mode ip after renegotiation when remote session expired

Hello,I have some remote users that are having issues with some applications after the renegotiation when the remote session is expired. They receive another office mode ip and this causes some issues with certain applications.Is there a setting/solution where they can keep the same office mode ip?