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Rodrigo_Castell inside Remote Access Solutions 10 hours ago
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Redundant Site to Site VPNs

Has anyone been able to set this up between Check Point and third party devices ? Its Palo Alto in this case. And I will be using different public IPs on local and remote peers. Do I create a new community with the secondary Peer IP Address? Or add a gateway to the existing community ? What happens with routes (I added another route with higher metric for secondary IP peer)? How does Check Point disable the primary route so the secondary route kicks in if the primary VPN tunnel does down ?I know Palo has something that monitors an IP and if it goes down it disables the primary interface so seconday kicks in. Im just wondering whats the best way to do this on my Check Point side.
Jacson_Ritzmann inside Remote Access Solutions yesterday
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Endpoint Security VPN E80.64 for Mac CPU 100%

After installation of Endpoint Security VPN E80.64 when the vpn is disconnected the cpu goes to 100%, the volon is the process TracSrvWrapper.Any solution to this problem?
Help_Desk_Help_ inside Remote Access Solutions yesterday
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SSL SNX macos catalina support

hello all ,some users upgraded their macbook to the latest macos catalina , and since then they can no longer connect to ssl using their installed network extender.We have gaia r77.30 take 317 and the mabda sk113410.Any suggestion will be welcome. I assume Checkpoint will offer a new mabda version in the near future,thank you 
Sagar_Manandhar inside Remote Access Solutions Sunday
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Azure Site-to-Site VPn fail

Hi,I have been trying to establish the IP sec vpn with Azure site. I have followed the sk101275 for the same but was not able to establish the VPN. Does anybody  successfully done it and it would be great if the configuration can be shared.Regards,Sagar Manandhar

Route internet traffic of clientless SSL VPN through Gateway

 Hello ,  I have configured remote VPN in 80.10 when user uses clientbase vpn they get public ip address of gateway and all there internet traffic goes via Gatewaybut when user uses clientless vpn ie ssl vpn via web they dont get public address of gateway and nor there internet is does goes via gateway .  Any solution if any .  
bt inside Remote Access Solutions Friday
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E80.89 Check Point Endpoint Security VPN for macOS connection failed

I'm trying to connect to a site using user and password authentication. Firewall is turned off, there is no proxy, no certificates are being used. Authentication is fine but then I get an error saying "connection failed", failed Negotiation with site. 

Difference between VPN Clients and Mobile Access

In r80.10 Under the Gateway properties, there are the VPN Clients and Mobile Access tabs. Whats the main difference between them? They both contain the options for the VPN clients, but the Mobile Access has more options.  
Ted_Serreyn inside Remote Access Solutions Thursday
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Mobile access portal with Office 365

Does anyone have r80.20 or later working with office 365? In particular I am interested in the following: Capsule Mobile access to office365 on IOS.Mobile access link to OWA in SSL portal.native mail access in SSL portal. Currently I have apps configured, but they are not working and no error logs are currently being generated.
JG inside Remote Access Solutions Wednesday
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I understand the Error below but don't know how to correct the issue. Setting up Mobile Access for an organization and when trying to connect to the SSL Portal I get the error below.Realistically, I don't need a portal all I need to do is ensure all the laptop traffic is backhauled through the VPN. In the case is do I need to download the Capsule client? Or do I need to have the portal up to download the client via the portal? "The user X is authenticated but not authorized to log in, because there are no Mobile Access Applications associated with the User Group"
TomShanti inside Remote Access Solutions a week ago
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Per-app VPN support

 Hi community, other than using CapsuleVPN on top of Win10 is there currently any other option to get per-App VPN on a Windows 10 Client together with a CP GW ? ThanksTom
Marcel_Gramalla inside Remote Access Solutions a week ago
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VPN Routing: Route all except for Internet traffic?

Hi,we currently have a local Cluster of R77.30 Gateways with many VPN tunnels. We now want to install a bunch of centrally managed 1430 appliances in remote offices.We normally use VPN Routing "To center, or through the center to other satellites, to internet and other VPN targets". The problem is that we want a local internet breakout on each remote office but need the "other VPN targets" from our local Cluster.Is there a possibility to achieve this?I appreciate your helpMarcel
Tobias_Moritz inside Remote Access Solutions a week ago
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Connect full featured Endpoint VPN client to a Secure-Remote-only-site which NOT allows Office Mode

Hello community,we have a customer who runs two RAS plattforms based on Check Point.One plattform has RAS client licences and one has not.The first ones offers (and needs) Office Mode.The second one does not offer office mode and does not need it.We have the approval from the customer to connect to both VPNs from the same virtual machine (Win64). Of course only one at a time. But when we install the Endpoint Security VPN client flavor, we can only connect to plattform one, because the second one does not offer Office Mode and has no licence for this. When we install Secure Remote, we can only connect to plattform two, because this client can not use office mode.Is there any way so solve this problem without using two different virtual machines?Is it maybe possible to install both flavors in parallel?Thank you for any ideas.
Chandru_M inside Remote Access Solutions 2 weeks ago
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How to allow domain login through VPN?

Hi,I want to allow home users or remote area users to login into their Active Directory account using VPN.Is that possible using checkpoint?We are using checkpoint R80.10 and for remote access we are using securemote client.
Andre1 inside Remote Access Solutions 2 weeks ago
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VPN SSL Windows - SSL Extended

Good Morning Everyone!I've seen in the documentation that the SSL VPN accepts Windows architecture 32 and 64 bits.Where I configure the VPN-SSL to accept only Windows 64 bits?
Chris_Dunbar inside Remote Access Solutions 2 weeks ago
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2 factor authentication for Capsule Connect

Hi,Is it possible to use 2 factor authentication with Capsule Connect for IOS?Thanks,