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SMS Gateway

Hi Check Mates,

Check Point has this nice feature called "Dynamic ID" and it can integrate, among some flavors, with SMS providers.

I've been using it for long time with providers in the cloud but I'd like to know if someone has been able to successfull integrate with any SMS Gateway APP for Android. If so, please share it.

Best regards,

Pedro Boavida

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Re: SMS Gateway

I implemented DynamicID with success using a local sms provider: I used a GET request like this: http://PROVIDERNAME/bulk/send.asp?account=MYACCOUNT&password=MYPASSWORD$&PhoneNumbers=$PHONE&SMSData... 

I think the syntax depends on the provider you are working with. 

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Re: SMS Gateway

Hi Claudio,

Thanks for your answer. I've also done that successfully with local providers. However, my goal now is to use an Android platform and some APP with HTTP interface. There are many of them available but not all are able to be integrated with dynamicID as the interface is not compatible.

So if someone here in the check mates community has done it successfully please recommend.


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Re: SMS Gateway

I used it with Capsule VPN and Capsule Workspace. I think will work with ssl portal, I don't know with custom Apps.

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