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Remote Access VPN with DynamicID


I have a question on using DynamicID is the 2 factor authentication method to authenticate remote access vpn users.

All of CheckPoint's documentation is on the MobileAccess Blade when using DynamicID.

Basically, what we want to achieve is that a user can log in from his SecureClient VPN, using AD username and password, then he receives an SMS with OTP and can log in to VPN.

The thing is here. When setting up this on Checkpoint, We are not getting the prompt to enter the OTP password.  Under 'Multiple Client Authentication Settings' in Gateway > VPN Clients > Authentication, we created a new authentication method which comprises of <Username and Password> followed by DynamicID.

Anyone else maybe using this scenario in his setup? Mobile access blade is not enabled in our case.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Remote Access VPN with DynamicID

Requires R80.10 and E80.85+ clients.

See: Mobile Access and VPN clients supporting Multiple Login Options 

Re: Remote Access VPN with DynamicID


will it also support authentication with certificate & SMS ? 


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Re: Remote Access VPN with DynamicID

According to this SK: Multiple Authentication Schemes for Mobile Access / Remote Access 

It is not supported.