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How to allow domain login through VPN?


I want to allow home users or remote area users to login into their Active Directory account using VPN.

Is that possible using checkpoint?

We are using checkpoint R80.10 and for remote access we are using securemote client.

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Re: How to allow domain login through VPN?

The way it generally works is that the end user can log into their local PC with cached credentials.

Once they log in, the VPN comes up and they can access the AD server normally.

If you want to require the credentials to be validated via the VPN before they can access the desktop, you need to enabled the Secure Domain Logon feature (SDL).

This is covered in the Remote Access Guide: Remote Access VPN R80.10 Administration Guide 


Re: How to allow domain login through VPN?

We want to use before logon without using SDL.

Is there a way?

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