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Hostname disclosure on port 264


Port 264 is open on the gateways for Secureremote is this port realy necessary ?

There is some securety issues about the hostname disclosure as seen in the link bellow

CheckPoint Firewall-1 SecuRemote Topology Service Hostname Disclosure | Rapid7 

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Re: Hostname disclosure on port 264

See: Check Point response to SecuRemote Topology Service Hostname Disclosure 

TL;DR: The information is considered public.

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Re: Hostname disclosure on port 264

You can uncheck in Global Properties, 'Accept Remote Access Control Connections' and it will shut down port 264 on the external interface.

There may be reasons you do not want to do that but if you have a small network with little or no remote access the above setting will not cause any issues and you can pass a port scan.


Re: Hostname disclosure on port 264

Thanks! This was helpful and proved to be effective.

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