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Checkpoint Capsule VPN not working after Creator's Update

Hi Guys,

Checkpoint Capsule VPN stopped working after upgrading to the creators update.

Its not even working on preview build of falls creators update.

showing up an error " the remote connection was denied because of the user name and password combination you provided is not recognized, or the selected authentication protocol is not permitted on the remote access server" 

On event viewer is RASClient error 691.

On Anniversary update, as soon as clicking on "connect" it was asking me to select options from network sign in info and was trying to connect to site but i creators update it doesnt ask anything like that.

Thank you in advance:)


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Re: Checkpoint Capsule VPN not working after Creator's Update

Moving this into the Remote Access‌ forum.

I'm not familiar with any issues with respect to Creators Update and Capsule VPN issues.

I recommend opening case with the Check Point TAC to investigate (or have your partner do it): Contact Support | Check Point Software 

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Re: Checkpoint Capsule VPN not working after Creator's Update

There is a Public EA for E80.71 that will support the new Windows 10 release.

Much of this can be found in SecureKnowledge.

Most notably:

Check Point Endpoint Security Client Support Schedule for New Operating Systems 

A good keyword search in SecureKnowledge can provide a wealth of information. Getting the right keywords in a search takes a bit of experience. And every now and again I look for 1 issue and notice an article that helps me resolve another issue.

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Re: Checkpoint Capsule VPN not working after Creator's Update

I made the mistake of upgrading all my users to the creators update, now none of them can access our Checkpoint firewall using the built in Windows VPN (with Checkpoint VPN Capsule app installed).

Users are simply not prompted for a username, password or token code, nor is there any apparent way of enabling it.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the capsule makes no difference.

A fresh install of Windows 10 works, until the Creator's update is installed and then it doesn't.

Please update your capsule app so it works properly with the creators update.

If anyone can figure out a work-around it would be much appreciated.

The endpoint vpn client still works, but not for remote users who require to VPN in BEFORE logging into Windows, for those users we need the built in windows 10 vpn working.

Re: Checkpoint Capsule VPN not working after Creator's Update

It works only when you create the first Admin account and install it from the Store before joining to the domain. It's so inconsistent with the domain users. Its not getting to the point of asking Authentication.

I believe Checkpoint has to update their capsule for windows store with their dependencies may be .net framework.

Please let me know if you find any solution. I miss anniversary update though.

  • Its not even working on Falls creator update.
  • I have also downloaded the early available program but no luck. CheckpointVPN msi also doesnt work at all on windows 10.
  • Checkpoint Capsule on Windows store was release before creators update and many people complaining by giving reviews on US and Australian Store that it stopped working after creators update.
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Re: Checkpoint Capsule VPN not working after Creator's Update

In a corporate network you should hold off any major release for at least a month. Any new OS release will bring you new frights and change things in a way that are all of a sudden not compatible with existing products.

I fear Microsoft is to blame as they burned developers in that past with final releases that worked quite different from the pre-release version.

That lost them a lot of trust and I understand that vendors will wait for the final version before they put in a lot of time and effort in working on the changes you need to make to support whatever was changed this time.

Why administrators choose to jump of the cliff into a unknown terrain without doing a thorough test with a new release is ... surprising. But in such cases I think I would file tickets under PEBKAC.

It is ill advised to upgrade your whole network to a new major OS version. And Creator Update and Fals Creator Update are in fact New Windows  releases and should be tested as such in a corporate environment before you start to roll them out to your users.

Re: Checkpoint Capsule VPN not working after Creator's Update

Thank you for your effort and feedback. As is our case, We had to upgrade to creators update because Anniversary update is going to end of life after 5 months.


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Re: Checkpoint Capsule VPN not working after Creator's Update

Windows 10 (any version) and Check Point Capsule VPN client.

Delete your "broken" VPN connection

Open Apps & features

Select Check Point Capsule VPN

Select Advanced Options

Click Reset

-> it will reset all VPN client settings

Create new VPN connection

->now new connection will ask authentication type etc.

Above has work in two different W10 machines.