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Jon_Dyke inside Policy Management 5 hours ago
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Bulk rename of host objects

I have a few hundred host objects that I need to rename.  The hosts are called site2_xxx_xxx  but need to be site3_xxx_xxx.  What would be the best way of doing this?  I am assuming the API is an option given I am on 80.10.Than...
Shahar_Grober inside Policy Management 7 hours ago
views 158 3

R80.20 Updatable Objects - Intune + Autopilot

Hi, Are there updateable objects in R80.20 for Microsoft Intunes and Autopilot?Intune:
carl_t inside Policy Management Saturday
views 61 1

creating a priority qos rule in R80.20

Hi AllI would like to create a priority queue for my voice and video traffic on the firewalls, I would like it to match on EF and AF41, and I would like it to have up to 33% of the bandwidth for priority.Can anyone tell me the easiest way to achie...
Christoph_Moor1 inside Policy Management Thursday
views 116 1

Windows UI Scaling breaking R80.20 UI

I'm using the latest SmartConsole for R80.20 on Windows 10 and there are multiple areas where the UI breaks.I run a dual monitor setup. 4k 3840x2160 on a 42" with recommended 150% scaling and  2736x1824 with on a 13" with the recommended 200%...
S_E_ inside Policy Management Thursday
views 167 8

Verify Access Control Policy - desire feature?

Hi,we just recognized following:Give is a SmartCenter with multiple policies sets. Each policy has a certain firewall assigned. One of the policy set is attached to a 'test firewall' gateway, and only for test purposes. Running now the verifi...
ED inside Policy Management Wednesday
views 219 11 3

Unable to delete service CPD_amon_

Hi,Doing some cleanup after previous upgrades from R77.x to R80.xI have two services CPD_amon and CPD_amon_ (with underscore). When trying to delete CPD_amon_ I get this:Followed by this when I click "Where Used...":So how can I find where it...
Patrick_Taphorn inside Policy Management Wednesday
views 346 6 2

Order of Geo-Protection Enforcement in R80.20

Scenario: R80.20 gateway is assigned to Geo-Protection policy that Allows access To/From United States, To/From Isreal, and default action of Drop for all other countries.End-user is traveling to United Kingdom and needs access web server behind g...
inside Policy Management Tuesday
views 3150 11 8

Where did all my IPS Protections go?

IPS in SmartDashboard R7x had its protections organized:By type:SignaturesProtocol anomaliesApplication controlsEngine settingsBy protocolNetwork securityApplication intelligenceWeb intelligence In SmartConsole R80 and R80.10, I cannot find s...
James_Trout inside Policy Management a week ago
views 64 2

SmartEvent - High rate of Blocked Connections - How does it work/best practice?

We keep hitting our max connections for "High Rate of Blocked Connections" within smart event > DOS. We have upped the limit for now but I would like to understand more on how this works?I believe the default for this rule is Origin which is th...
HristoGrigorov inside Policy Management a week ago
views 2598 25 8

R80.10 SmartConsole hangs

Sorry to hijack this thread but just wanted to mention that SmartConsole isn't very stable here. From time to time it hangs like that:The program SmartConsole.exe version stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more info...
carl_t inside Policy Management a week ago
views 61 2 1

R80 Inspection settings

Hi AllA quick question, In R80 are the inspection settings basically the application inspection as per the normal firewall settings? is this not part of the ips inspection?
Danny inside Policy Management a week ago
views 13828 22 22

CPT - Check Point Packet Trace Utility ?

Will Check Point release a management plugin that offers a similar functionality to Cisco's ASDM packet tracer anytime soon? I'm thinking about coding it on my own for quite some time. Shall I start or wait for Check Point?
Siva_Vignesh inside Policy Management a week ago
views 374 2 1

fw up_execute command

whether Fw up_execute command is available only in R80.10 and share any kb documents for the command
Don_Paterson inside Policy Management 2 weeks ago
views 70 4


Is there a plan to simplify the debug processes / procedures in the main train products or would it be a good idea to consider adding this? In other words, will there ever be a single command, for example 'debug' to use for debugging anything (and...
carl_t inside Policy Management 2 weeks ago
views 58 2

Issue with cluster IP addresses when migrated to R80.20

Hi AllWe recently have have migrated from r77.30 to r80.20We had an issue yesterday with our main firewall, it started having issues with the cluster, the interfaces were showing disconnected when running a cphaprob command on the Gateway.Looking ...