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Paul_Hagyard inside Policy Management Friday
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R80.10 B005 SmartConsole issues on 4K display

Has anyone else tried the B005 R80.10 SmartConsole on a 4k (3840x2160) display? Just tried and it's unusable - scaling issues and parts of the screen disappearing. Played a little with Windows compatibility settings to no avail. Screenshot attached. Running in a VM at 1080p is a workaround 🙂
GGiorgakis inside Policy Management Friday
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Where is located the file for schedule time for log?

hi guys i am looking to modify this type of file but cannot find it through object explorer.Any idea?
Sagar_Manandhar inside Policy Management Friday
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Application and Url filtering not working

Hi,i am using 5600 appliance and there i have written different application and url filtering policy in which pornography and media stream(category) is at top and is block. But all the client are being able to access the porn site and media.when i see the log of application and url it show allow but when i click to "Go to policy" tab there comes the error "the rule does not exist anymore". What may be the reason?.
David_Won inside Policy Management Thursday
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Modifying User Permissions

Problem with R80.10 Previously on R77.30 our help centre would create all user accounts and add them to the correct user groups to determine access to various resources through VPN. In R80.10 the user groups tab has been removed from the user configuration screen. The only way to configure now is to manually open each user group and add the user that way. Now for our issue. The help desk is not able to do this. They have read only showing. Example here If I edit their permissions profile the only way I'm able to allow them to edit user groups is if I give them write access to common objects. Unfortunately this also gives them access to be able to literally delete one of my firewalls from the console. Not cool. Anybody know what the minimum permissions required to create and edit users would be?
Christoph inside Policy Management Thursday
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Windows UI Scaling breaking R80.20 UI

I'm using the latest SmartConsole for R80.20 on Windows 10 and there are multiple areas where the UI breaks.I run a dual monitor setup. 4k 3840x2160 on a 42" with recommended 150% scaling and 2736x1824 with on a 13" with the recommended 200% scaling.Doing a few tests it looks like most, if not all problems are in the 150% scenario. The 200% feels ok.Reading checkmates it sounds like there shouldn't be problems with R80.10 regarding to windows scaling but with R80.20 there are problems all over the place.A few examples:Compliance blade:- Regulatory Compliance graphs are out of the screen with no scroll bars or only a hint of text is recognizable and overlaps with graphs.Cluster object:- Network ManagementNot all networks are shown. No scroll bar. You can still reach and alter these networks blind with cursor and enter keys.- GeneralOpening a dialog with a scaling of X on one monitor and moving the dialog to another screen with a different scaling keeps the initial scaling. Maybe a Windows feature.
CHINMAYA_NAIK inside Policy Management Thursday
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Failed to delete OLD Cluster object Error "gatewayStaticProfilesConfiguration" after migrate import

We are doing migration from IPSO 75.40 to GAIA R80.20.Migrate import is successfully done.But when we are going to delete the OLD cluster object then unable to delete that object getting error "gatewayStaticProfilesConfiguration". Already follow the sk140372 but as per the we unable to see any gateway object. Pls help. #Chinmaya
Patrick inside Policy Management Wednesday
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Silent Uninstall SmartConsole

Hello,the silent install of the SmartConsole via "SmartConsole.exe -s" works good... but is it possible to silent uninstall the SmartConsole?
Don_Paterson inside Policy Management Wednesday
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Is there a plan to simplify the debug processes / procedures in the main train products or would it be a good idea to consider adding this? In other words, will there ever be a single command, for example 'debug' to use for debugging anything (and everything) in the Security Management and MDSM and Security Gateway products. Reason for asking is that it seems to be sometimes complicated to run a debug, which a customer may want to do in order to resolve issues themselves without getting support involved. Debugging fwd or fwm for example is fairly straightforward but a full debug of a policy installation has become much more complicated since R80. Thanks, Don
Lesley_Willems2 inside Policy Management Wednesday
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Application Control AD service not matching

Hi all, I'm trying to use the predefined AD service in a access rule but the rule will not be hit. Traffic is from cliënt to domain controller. The AD service comes from the application/categories which is in the object categories. Is it even possible to use it in the way as I decribed? Manual made services will match the rule. TIA!BR,Lesley
HS inside Policy Management Tuesday
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Hotfix Ongoing Take 87

Hi,we need to get protect against CVE-2019-11477, CVE-2019-11478 & CVE-2019-11479: TCP SACK PANIC - Linux Kernel vulnerabilities. Refer to sk156192.We are running R80.20 take 17 and we don't find any Checkpoint official documentation about the hotfix take 87. Does anyone already install the ongoing take 87. We don't have idea the minimal requirements for take 87 ? We are under take 17 far away from general availability take 47. Install take 87 before take 47 it is good idea ?thank you for help.
Stephan_Lanfer inside Policy Management Monday
views 102 4

R80.20.M2 Silent Install

Hello,are there any silent install parameters for the SmartConsole.exe for R80.20.M2?The old "smartconsole.exe -s" doesn't work anymore!RegardsStephan
Blason_R inside Policy Management a week ago
views 210 6 1

Unable to connect to McAfee SIEM via LEA after upgrade to R80.20

Hi Folks,I just migrated Smart-1 appliance from R77.30 to R80.20 however after migration observed that SIEM servers could not pickup the logs via LEA. Any help is greatly appreciated.
GGiorgakis inside Policy Management a week ago
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Can we control download bandwidth from appControl in R80.20?

Can we control download bandwidth from appControl in R80.20?For example can i limit the bandwidth only when download from youtube?
Alan_Dressner1 inside Policy Management a week ago
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SmartMove Policy Creation and future requests SmartMove_5_1_7078_13288

At the time of this writing the current version is SmartMove is SmartMove_5_1_7078_13288.When I use this tool to covert a Cisco ASA policy the tools creates the layers but does not associate the layers with the policy. I have to manually copy the rules from the layers and paste them into the correct policy.I would also like to see the the following options added if possible to the tool for better functionality:1.) add an option to create the policy in in-line mode or ordered.2.) add an option to use set-if-exists in the scripts3.) add an option to use a specific user to run the scripts. It is better to review the created policy without auto publishing. Sometimes what the tool creates and what is needed are not the same.4.) add an option to help avoid creating duplicate objects
inside Policy Management 2 weeks ago
views 3607 13 17

Did you know? SmartConsole Tags

R80 and R80.10 provide a new feature for ease of security management: Tags.We have presented it in Check Point conventions dating back to 2013 - it's time that we discuss them at CheckMates as well The purpose with tags is to ease the searches and associations of objects. You can tag any object from its Object Editor, as well as with the Security Management CLI or API. You can then search for all objects that belong to a specific tag.In the Object Explorer:When picking objects in places like security policies:In addition of simplified user experience, Tags have good value in the world of automation and orchestration.