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Which CLI command shows if active SmartCenter is HA?

Below commands are returning 1 on SmartCenter Servers (Non-HA) and primary active SmartCenter HA-Servers.

cpprod_util FwIsActiveManagement
cpprod_util FwIsHAManagement
cpprod_util FwIsFirewallMgmt
cpprod_util FwIsPrimary

However, cpview is able to differentiate between both.

sk148112 assumes the commands are executed on a SmartCenter HA server but doesn't provide a hint how to differentiate between a single active SmartCenter and a Primary Active SmartCenter HA.

Which command shows if I'm actually on an primary active SmartCenter-HA?


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Re: Which CLI command shows if Primary Active SmartCenter is HA?

Working with this now:

if [[ -e $MDS_FWDIR/conf/peers.C ]]; then echo "SmartCenter HA"; fi
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