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Understanding of policy checking

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Hey guys,

Kinda new to checkpoint and want to understand the product better.

I know its very basic, but its very crucial for troubleshooting and really understanding the product.

Can someone please refer me to a sk, or give an in-depth explanation of the subject.

I know that in R80 and above, the product works in ordered layers.

When a connection matches a rule in the first layer, it goes on the second layer and so on and so on...

Now my question is, when does the NAT policy and threat prevention policy come in place? When does the firewall examine those policies ? Afer the access control policies, in parellel etc ...

Thank you !

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Hi @Nadav_Hellman,

Please see the topics Layers in R80 and How do I create an Access Policy for Pre-R80 GWs?  for the list of the supported features or read this PDF: Inline_Policy.pdf 


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