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Server Error Code 717411248

I was creating a new MEPP policy and when I click save or install policy it will display an error. not letting me to create the policy.

I am using R77.30.03

How can I resolve this? 

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Re: Server Error Code 717411248

I have the same issue to which TAC has been reviewing the logs and (I believe) is sending the issue to R&D.  Their notes in the SR: 

Customer is receiving a numbered error message that refers to a "ticket" in server messages log

 - error is in relation to Pat generation

 -uepm_stop(ed) the server
 - Checked pat_input and there were several items still stuck in pat_input
 - Used psql command to clear pat_input
 -uepm_start(ed) the server

 - Attempted to push policy again in Console and failed again with numberer error
 - Checking the server messages

As soon as a resolution is found, I will update this thread.