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Rule Analyzer

Hello CM's, looking for suggestions on a rule analyzer to assist with firewall reviews. Which one's to look into and which to stay away from would be helpful. Reviews include combining rules, security weakness, redundancy, stale objects, etc.

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Re: Rule Analyzer

Have you looked at Tuffin? Great product and have been around for some time. They have a great customer base that not only use them for CP, they also use the product for other technologies within the ENV.

Re: Rule Analyzer

Thank you Michael, I will look into Tuffin. Do you have any feedback on AlgoSec?

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Re: Rule Analyzer

I will put a plug in here for Check Point's own "Compliance" offering as well.

See an earlier TechTalk we did about it: TechTalk: Compliance Best Practices

There were also Compliance-specific enhancements in R80.20.M1:

  • User can create custom best practices based on scripts.
  • Support for 35 regulations including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).