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Remote_Desktop_Protocol not being detected?

So we're having a weird problem with some new firewalls in our environment.

We're migrating services to a new datacenter, behind brand new 6500s running R80.20, managed by an R80.30 management server.


Once moved down there, users are reporting that they can't remote into some Windows systems that are behind firewalls. In our rules, we are explicitly allowing this with the built in Remote_Desktop_Protocol object. When I take a look at the rules, they're being dropped by our drop all rule for custom ranges that contain 3389. So it seems to be ignoring the Check Point object.


Now we have R77.30 gateways managed by this server not suffering the same issue, and we have another R80.30 management server, managing R80.30 gateways, also not suffering this issue.


I've been scouring the knowledgebase to see if there is some known issue with our version(take 91) of the gateway, but I haven't been able to find anything.


I've already got a ticket open and reached out to our SE, but figured I'd check here too. Has anyone encountered something similar?

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Re: Remote_Desktop_Protocol not being detected?

Are you using precisely the same policies in all environments or are different policies built for each one?
It does sound like a bug which would obviously require TAC to move forward.
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