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R80.30 - Updatable Objects - Country (Grouping)

hi chaps (shekh-m8s) 🙂


quick one:


has any of you figured out how to GROUP Countries together in R80.30?

I'm referring to "updatable objects" as based on the sk126172 I cannot figure ... can I group such "network objects" or not ... very confusing + my customer thinks that Countries can be grouped together as net-obj but I don't believe it applies to R80.30.


can someone clarify this please? see enclosed.




and then ...


3.PNGtrying to group them out ...4.PNGand have error when clicked OK 🙂

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Re: R80.30 - Updatable Objects - Country (Grouping)

Hi Jerry,

At the moment we do not support adding updatable objects to groups. 

We will see if it can be added to future versions, and in the meantime we will make sure we return a more informative error message.



Re: R80.30 - Updatable Objects - Country (Grouping)

Thanks Uriel. I do appreciate your response. Looking fwd to that functionality otherwise the rule containing all countries which you potentially allow/drop looks awful 😛
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