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I cannot delete gateway object

I cannot delete gateway object. Because it is used on the Objects (gatewayStaticprofilesConfiguration ->Assignment Profiles).

I don't know how to delete that object.



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Re: I cannot delete gateway object

Hi Nickel,


Having exactly the same issue - have you managed to solve this?



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Re: I cannot delete gateway object

that isn't complicated mate

you need to find relationships and dependencies then you'll be able to remove it

look at the hings SmartConsole giving you. It is pretty logical to some extent.

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Re: I cannot delete gateway object

I'll be honest, I have not used Profiles, so I can't speak with any first hand experience here but I think this has to do with SmartProvisioning being used to configure the Gateway. 

Take a look at this link:

Click the Menu button in SmartConsole and select SmartProvisioning. I would look around in there and see if the GW you are trying to remove has a profile attached to it. Since this functionality isn't incorporated into SmartConsole yet, it may not be obvious that something in it needs cleaning up. But my guess is what you are looking for is in there somewhere!

Good luck!

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Re: I cannot delete gateway object


I had a similar one. Ended in opening TAC. They then did some psql magic or so and made the object then removable.

Something like that but deleting it: - BUT - DO NOT DO THIS ON YOUR OWN, as @Tomer_Sole  mentioned there.. 🙂






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