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Database revision control Question.

Is this possible to check which database revision control has restored on R77.30 ?

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Re: Database revision control Question.

The restore of a revision database is a manual job, you only want to do this when things really get out of hand.

Regards, Maarten
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Re: Database revision control Question.

From top of my head, you can always compare the DB revisions with the last restored bu using SmartWorkflow feature, if you are on R77.30 or below.

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Re: Database revision control Question.


Does anybody knows if restoring DB revision from the previous DB revision, will restore the core XL cpu if the CPU was increased from 1 to 2. does restoring DB revision will revert it back from 2 to 1? 


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Re: Database revision control Question.

In an non-VSX environment, no.  The CoreXL/SecureXL configuration is not part of the policy that is pushed from the SMS and is just locally set on the gateway.  The SMS generally has no awareness of what CoreXL/SecureXL is doing on a regular (non-VSX) gateway.


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