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Applications in R80.20 and R77.30

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Hello @ all,

can somebody help me to understand this Applications, please. In SK sk112354 "How to allow Office 365 services in Application Control R77.30 and above  "  is a example Picture with Policy Application Control for Office 365. 

This Screenshot ist from R77.30.

In Policy #2 Applications/Sites are include  LDAP Protocol and Kerberos Protocol. This two i can't find in the Applications/Categories, only under Categories Services are some Protocols for LDAP and Kerberos include.

This same I have with Applications  DNS Protocol or SSH Protocol on R77.30 and in R80.20 under Applications i can't find this Applications.

Maybe Check Point move this R77.30 Application in R80.XX to the Categories Services ?

Thanks for help.

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Re: Applications in R80.20 and R77.30

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Thank you. 🙂