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Allow selected youtube videos


I need to allow certain known youtube videos, while keeping all other streaming filtered. How can I do that?

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Re: Allow selected youtube videos

If App & URL filtering is enabled, you can fully block youtube and create a white list with the URL of known videos.



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Re: Allow selected youtube videos

You will also have to whitelist many youtube resources so it can work. The simple way to do it is allow the video url, block youtube bellow, and then check the logs for the blocked resources and allow them. Probably not the fastest way to do it.

You can subscribe to the google API to automate the process of adding the videos of your youtube channel to the list of allowed videos. With the google API you can query the list of videos in your channel and then use an script to add them to the whitelist with Check Point API.

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Re: Allow selected youtube videos

Hi there

Did you perhaps got a solution for this? I am having the same issue.

Thanks in advance

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