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VPN Pre-Shared-Key in VPN Community

Hi Guys,

I have two firewalls FW1 and FW2. These FWs are tunneled to PEER with two different VPN community, VPNCom1 (FW1 <-> PEER) and VPNCom2 (FW2 <-> PEER). Take note that PEER only have one public IP address.

Given this scenario, is it possible to have different shared-secret in two different VPN community? For example, the shared-secret configured in VPNCom1 is CHECKPOINT123 but the shared secret configured in VPNCom2 is CHECKPOINT456. Will this not affect any impact in each other?

Thank you

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Yes, that is possible.

Just create two VPN communities:

  • 1: FW1 <> PeerGW using PSK1
  • 2: FW2 <> PeerGW using PSK2
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