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Policy Install fails, when a rule is using "Updateable Objects", and a R77.30 GW in Policy Package

Hello Check Mates, 

one of my customers is having an odd phenomena.
we have R80.30 MGMT + Take 140
Installation Targets in Poliyc Package are R80.30, R80.20 and one R77.30 gateway.

we created a rule with updateable objects and as installation target we selected the R80.20 gatways.
but policy install fails with this message in the picture below.

FW-RA = R77.30 Gateway
all others are R80.20 or R80.30.
Install target is the R80.20 Gateway.

only the R77.30 is member of the policy package ... 

Question: is the pure existence of a R77.30 gateway in a policy package which is using Updateable objects causing this issue?  Even when the install on target is NOT a R77.30 gw?




best regards


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Use a separate policy package for R77.30

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well not easy with a policy with over 1200 rules as u can imagine ...
sure we know the time of R77.30 is long over ... we will surely migrate to the latest version soon.

but anyhow ... is the pure existence of a R77.30 GW in policy package using updatedateable objects unsupported?
if we disable the policy it works ...
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Yes. It also looks like a bug, but you have a workaround already. 

Please open a TAC case to report this issue

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