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Identity Awareness (intergrate AD) Sign out

Hello everyone,

Is there any way to improve sign out on Identity Awareness (intergrate AD) ?

The problem is when entering a computer through RDP or another remote access program, the identity of those who enter is associated with the computer.

For RDP when sign out, few times do not remove the identity on the computer but with nother remote access program stay the identiy. I confirm with the command pdp m u [user].

Then only waiting for the User / IP association timeout ..

Thanks in advance for your help

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I think that you have to either use the IA Agent for Terminal Servers in order to track the user identity on multi user PCs accessed via RDP.

Alternatively, you may chose to select "Assume that only one user is connected per computer":




Identity Collector and ADQuery do not get logoff events from Active Directory by design.
To get those, you need to use the Identity Agent.
For a terminal server in particular, it's highly recommended.