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Identity Awareness Multi User Host

Hello community,

I came across something last week where I would like to understand.

The identity query marks some IP-addresses as a multi-user host.

The default value is 7, so if 7 users log on to an IP address, the IP address is tagged as MUH and then all user authentications will be ignored. This ignores the firewall rules with AccessRoles.

What is the basic idea for the option?
Is it better to increase this value or to switch it on?


best regards


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Fundamentally, Identity Awareness is associating a user with an IP Address.
The users associated with a given IP could have very different access requirements.
I suppose this could be seen as a security feature.

If this is truly a multi-user host, it is far more reliable to install the relevant Identity Agent so all users can be appropriately accounted for and have their specific access policies reliably enforced.


I have now defined it so that it is a protection against increased performance.

Because the RAM requirement per authenticated user increases and if we now take a terminal server as an example, we have a lot of user authentications within a short time.

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