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Identity Awareness - Browser-Based Authentication - Radius - Identity Sharing

I have 2 security appliances running Identity Awareness using Browser-Based Authentication with Radius.  The Portal runs on Appliance A. Appliance B has the Portal Network Location set to Appliance A.  

A Identity Rule is installed on Appliance A & B that should allow this traffic if Appliance B is aware of my identity. 

If I am on a network behind Appliance A and authenticate with the Portal, Appliance B will not let me through the Firewall based on my Identity.  Appliance A will allow traffic though its firewall based on my Identity. 

I do have "Get Identities from other gateways" enabled on Appliance B and defined as Appliance A.  From what I understand, Identity Sharing only works with AD Query.  I am using Radius.

I do not want users to be required to authenticate with multiple portals. Providing access based on identity rather than location on the network is a requirement of implementation. 

I am not interested in authentication based on AD credentials.  I know AD would work but we don't trust AD credentials.

 Is this possible? 





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Identity Sharing should work regardless of how the identities are acquired.
If you're not using Active Directory, where are the groups coming from in this case?
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