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High Ineternet Bandwidth issue

Dear @PhoneBoy and teams


Can you please share us any sk realated to high internet bandwidth usage.

We have 4 ISP on external firewall  5600 series running on r80.30 version , on this case we have a default route for one ISP and for the remaining 3 ISP we have applied PBR. 

We have faced high internet bandwidth usage on the default route ISP and we can see there is minimal usage on PBR ISP which should have the usage as equally as default ISP.

Do you have any idea, what is mostly like issue it might be.


Thank you for your kind co-operation

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How does your PBR look like. 

Could you provide more information!

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Seems like the Application/URLF report might be one place to start here.
Filter it on the networks getting routed to that specific ISP link.
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