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MadMike61 inside Enterprise Appliances and Gaia OS 8 hours ago
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Unable to boot from USB on 12400

I have been trying to perform a clean install on two 12400 chassis with no success. I am upgrading to R80.30 and have used the latest Polymorphic tool to build a bootable USB. I am not specifying any particular MAC, it should install on any machine. I have rebuild the USB several times an am confident it is correct. I am following the direction for clean install for this unit. I interrupt the boot process and perform a default reload. Once the system is reloaded, I begin the first time configuration wizard where I select the option to do a clean install from USB. I insert the USB and the system reloads but does not boot from the USB.
hakanka inside Access Control Products 10 hours ago
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About integration between my AD and checkpoint

Hi,I am newbie on checkpoint management. Please forgive me if I am wrong. I am managing 2* firewall on my city. I have an issue on one of them. One of them has AD with windows server 2012, and there is no issue after changing firewall group on user firewall groups at AD. But, other firewall has AD with windows server 2008 and after I change firewall group of one user, the info is coming very delayed.(half hour, an hour or more-if location is MPLS-) so we can not react quickly when we need changes on fw groups. What do you suggest to me ? Thank you for incoming answer. 
Jesus_Cano inside VSX 11 hours ago
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Configuring in L3 interface (vsys)

Hi, We need to enable the interface eth1-03. We try to add the IP but suddenly the IP is changed to another one. We dont know why the IP for the itnerface just configured is changes. Why? We have vsys and R80.10.
Jonathan_Pitt inside Enterprise Appliances and Gaia OS 11 hours ago
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Common Criteria EAL4+ compliance for R80.10?

Does anyone have any information on Common Criteria EAL4+ compliance for R80.10?There is no info here: Certified Check Point Solutions | Check Point Software regards anything beyond R77.30.Anyone with info regards implied compliance or an ETA on a statement would be most welcomed. I appreciate that sometimes these statements come someway behind release.ThanksJon
humt inside SMB Appliances and SMP 11 hours ago
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Firmare automatic upgrade not working

I am trying to upgrade firmware but it is not updating automatic. When i ask CP support. CP told to contact your supplier. And now supplier is not replying. No contact details except email. Please help me if anyone. It is really ridiculous when we purchase and we don't have control on the product. I am become looser after i purchase this product from Amazon becuase no support from anywhere where in market selling 3 years warranty. 
HristoGrigorov inside SMB Appliances and SMP 12 hours ago
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Clarification on Mobile Access availability in 15xx series

Dear CheckPoint, I found contradiction in your documentation about 15xx series appliances:   1. In this document you mention that Mobile Access is available and extent can be purchased for it (CPSB-MOB-50).   2. But in sk159173 we read: The following R77.20.87 Known Limitations still apply to R80.20: Unsupported features: Mobile Access   May you please clarify which one of these is right ?
Almar_Diehl inside Access Control Products 14 hours ago
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(When) Will there be a configurable VPN client for Android Enterprise

Currently the Capsule VPN client for Android can not be configured by using an EMM solution. When will there be a new version of Capsule VPN that does support adding a configuration for Android Enterprise? Regards,Almar
BLD inside SMB Appliances and SMP yesterday
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1550 Appliance unexpected reboots

Hi.We have had the appliance for a few weeks.In the past 5 days our notification logs show 3 "unexpected reboot" notices. We have had no power or other issues in our site. How can we get more information to find the cause of these reboots? We have found nothing in the logs. Do logs survive a reboot?Firmaware version is R80.20 (992000668)Thanks. 
inside SMB Appliances and SMP yesterday
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SMB - New Product announcement - 1500 Series Security Gateways

Hi All We are happy to announce The release of the new 1500 series security gateways for SMBs. Our first Models to be announced are the 1550 and 1590 gateways which set new standards of protection against the most advanced fifth-generation cyber attacks. The 1550 and 1590 gateways are powered by Check Point’s R80 release. R80 is the industry’s most advanced security management software, and includes multi-layered next-generation protection from both known threats and zero-day attacks using the award-winning SandBlast™ Zero-Day Protection, plus antivirus, anti-bot, IPS, app control, URL filtering and identity awareness.    The 1500 Security Gateways offer integrated, multi-layered security in a compact desktop form factor. Setup can be done in minutes using pre-defined security policies and our step-by-step configuration wizard. Check Point 1500 Security Gateways are conveniently manageable both locally via a Web interface and centrally by means of a cloud-based Check Point Security Management Portal (SMP) or R80 Security Management. The new 1500 series empowers Small and Midsize businesses with Enterprise Grade Security: 100% block score for malware prevention for email and web, exploit resistance and post-infection catch rate, as seen in the NSS Labs’ recent Breach Prevention Systems (BPS) Group Test Up to 2 times more performance from previous generations. The 1550 Gateway offers 450Mbps of threat prevention performance, and the 1590 Gateway offers 660Mbps The 1550 provides maximum firewall throughput of 2Gbps and the 1590 provides maximum firewall throughput of 4Gbps The 1550 features six 1GbE ports and the 1590 features ten 1GbE ports. Check Point WatchTower mobile application, enables IT staff to monitor their networks and quickly mitigate security threats on the go from their mobile device Out-of-the-box zero-touch provisioning allows for under 1-minute setup IoT devices discovery and recognition for accurate security policy definition.   Want to know more ? Visit the 1500 Series Security Gateways SK   And the R80.20 for Small and Medium Business Appliances     For full product specifications, visit:     Amir Ayalon | SMB Project Management Team LeaderCheck Point SW Technologies. | ( +972-733-79-8629| Mobile: +972-545-787673 *

2 new Common Criteria certificates R80.30: Protection Profile and EAL4+ and certification update

I’m pleased to announce that Check Point have been awarded two new Common Criteria certificates for R80.30: EAL4+ certificate of R80.30  The Target of Evaluation (TOE) included claims for Firewall IPS Blade Pattern Matcher REST API Enterprise appliances, TE appliances, Smart-1, CloudGuard Protection Profile compliance of R80.30 The Target of Evaluation (TOE) included claims for Network Device Stateful Traffic Filter Firewall Extended VPN Package SmartConsole Enterprise appliances, TE appliances, Smart-1, CloudGuard The Protection Profile and EAL4+ listings include the Certificates, Security Target and Validation Report.  In addition R80.30 is now listed by the NSA CSFC component list for protecting classified NSS data, and qualifies for listing by NIAPC (NATO Information Assurance Product Catalogue), and the UK National Cyber Security Center (NCSB) Commercial Product Assurance (CPA) certification.   A full press release can be seen here:   

Finding Bandwidth consuming for particular Host

Dear All, Just wanted to check if any workaround to check the Bandwidth consumed/consuming for particular host machine.Customer's Internet Bandwidth was choked due to "few hosts to some destination IP" consuming high.From SmartMonitor we can see only Source or Destination which is consuming.But we need to check for the "Which Source against Which Destination" more bandwidth consumed/consuming. Just like in Cisco command: --ip flow top-talkersCISCO-ASA#sh ip flow top-talkersSrcIf     SrcIPaddress         DstIf        DstIPaddress         Pr       SrcP      DstP         BytesGi0/1    Gi0/0     06       0050      BBEB         19MGi0/1    Gi0/0     06       0050      3891           16MIn above we could see 2 Sources against 2 Destinations with "Bytes" consumed.By any chance can we see something like this in CheckPoint?? Regards, Prabulingam.N
HeikoAnkenbrand inside Enterprise Appliances and Gaia OS Wednesday
views 31462 27 23

GAIA - Easy execute CLI commands from management on gateways!

Now you can use the new command "g_bash" and "g_cli" to execute bash or clish commands on gateway from the management server. All you have to do is copy and paste the above lines to the management server. After that you have two new commands on the management server. Here you can now centrally execute simple commands on all gateways which are connected via SIC with the management. You only need to enter the IP address of the gateways and the command will be executed there. Cppy and paste this lines to the management server or download the script "" and execute the script.   echo "echo Gateways configured in policy:" > /usr/local/bin/g_show echo "more $FWDIR/conf/objects.C |grep -A 20 -B 1 ':type (gateway)' | grep ipaddr | sed 's/^[ \t]*//' | sed 's/\:ipaddr (//' |sed 's/)//'" >> /usr/local/bin/g_show chmod 777 /usr/local/bin/g_show echo '#!/bin/bash' > /usr/local/bin/g_bash echo "more $FWDIR/conf/objects.C |grep -A 20 -B 1 ':type (gateway)' | grep ipaddr | sed 's/^[ \t]*//' | sed 's/\:ipaddr (//' |sed 's/)//' > /var/log/g_gateway.txt" >> /usr/local/bin/g_bash echo 'HAtest="$2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8 $9"' >> /usr/local/bin/g_bash echo 'if grep -xq $1 /var/log/g_gateway.txt; then' >> /usr/local/bin/g_bash echo "echo \$HAtest > /var/log/g_command.txt;" >> /usr/local/bin/g_bash echo "\$CPDIR/bin/cprid_util -server \$1 putfile -local_file /var/log/g_command.txt -remote_file /var/log/g_command.txt;" >> /usr/local/bin/g_bash echo "\$CPDIR/bin/cprid_util -server \$1 -verbose rexec -rcmd /bin/bash -f /var/log/g_command.txt;" >> /usr/local/bin/g_bash echo "else" >> /usr/local/bin/g_bash echo "echo This is not a gateway IP. Use an IP of following list:;" >> /usr/local/bin/g_bash echo "more /var/log/g_gateway.txt" >> /usr/local/bin/g_bash echo "fi" >> /usr/local/bin/g_bash chmod 777 /usr/local/bin/g_bash echo '#!/bin/bash' > /usr/local/bin/g_cli echo "more $FWDIR/conf/objects.C |grep -A 20 -B 1 ':type (gateway)' | grep ipaddr | sed 's/^[ \t]*//' | sed 's/\:ipaddr (//' |sed 's/)//' > /var/log/g_gateway.txt" >> /usr/local/bin/g_cli echo 'HAtest="$2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8 $9"' >> /usr/local/bin/g_cli echo 'if grep -xq $1 /var/log/g_gateway.txt; then' >> /usr/local/bin/g_cli echo "echo \$HAtest > /var/log/g_command.txt;" >> /usr/local/bin/g_cli echo "\$CPDIR/bin/cprid_util -server \$1 putfile -local_file /var/log/g_command.txt -remote_file /var/log/g_command.txt;" >> /usr/local/bin/g_cli echo "\$CPDIR/bin/cprid_util -server \$1 -verbose rexec -rcmd /bin/clish -f /var/log/g_command.txt;" >> /usr/local/bin/g_cli echo "else" >> /usr/local/bin/g_cli echo "echo This is not a gateway IP. Use an IP of following list:;" >> /usr/local/bin/g_cli echo "more /var/log/g_gateway.txt" >> /usr/local/bin/g_cli echo "fi" >> /usr/local/bin/g_cli chmod 777 /usr/local/bin/g_cli   Command syntax: Command Description # g_show show all gateway IP addresses # g_bash <gateway IP> <command>  execute expert mode command on gateway # g_cli <gateway IP> <command> execute clish command on gateway An example! You want to see the configuration of the gateway with IP from the management. So you only have to enter the following command: Management# g_cli show configuration Now the command "show configuration" is executed on the gateway and the output is displayed on the management server. The same also works for the expert mode. For example: Management# g_bash cphaprob stat Show all gateway IP addresses. For example: Management# g_show Show all gateways configured in policy: Video tutorial: (view in My Videos)       Copyright by Heiko Ankenbrand 1996-2019
Patrick_Tuttle1 inside SMB Appliances and SMP Wednesday
views 286 10

1590 Upgrading Ques

Hello CheckMates; We are evaluating the SMB 1500 (R80.20) and I went to test the upgrading method using smart update and realized I cannot find the tgz file only the img file. Is this method going away? or is it because the code is new that it takes a little while for it show up in tgz format ?These devices would be rolled out in a SCADA environment without access to the internet so doing upgrades from the Manager would be preferable. Thanks-pat
Jesus_Cano inside VSX Wednesday
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Issue configuring IP in vsys

Hi, Im trying to configure IP to my interface eth2-05. We have vsys scenario. When i try to configure the IP and mask, i can not press OK., i receive this warning:  "Enter an integer between 2 and 4094" These are the steps in smartconsole: Edit vsys -> Topology -> New Interface -> Regular -> I add the IP and mask  and when i press OK i get this warning:  "Enter an integer between 2 and 4094". But im not configuring a vlan i just want a Layer 3 ip interface. Why? i dont need a vlan
Larry_Birch inside Access Control Products Wednesday
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Passive FTP Issue

Since moving to R80.20 we've had an issue with the "ftp" service.  As a stop gap we used "ftp-protocol-signature" and match for any which is now causing issues as a great number of ports are now sporadically identified as such (80, 53, 443, etc).  I am now trying to get back to the port based ftp service and having issues.  To troubleshoot I have an "ftp" rule followed by an "ftp-protocol-signature" rule.The initial ftp connection on port 21 matches on the "ftp" service rule, however, upon negotiation of the data port it falls through to the second "ftp-protocol-signature" rule around line 8:  No.TimeSourceDestinationProtocolLengthInfo10192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYTCP6255479  >  21 [SYN] Seq=0 Win=32768 Len=0 MSS=1460 WS=120.034743192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYTCP5455479  >  21 [ACK] Seq=1 Ack=1 Win=32768 Len=030.050639192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYFTP60Request: SYST40.066276192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYFTP72Request: USER *********50.08137192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYFTP69Request: PASS **********60.154162192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYTCP5455479  >  21 [ACK] Seq=40 Ack=235 Win=32768 Len=070.168541192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYFTP60Request: PASV80.184125192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYTCP6255486  >  63690 [SYN] Seq=0 Win=32768 Len=0 MSS=1460 WS=190.198893192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYFTP83Request: STOR FILEXXXXX100.214221192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYTCP5455486  >  63690 [ACK] Seq=1 Ack=1 Win=32768 Len=0110.229467192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYTCP140655486  >  63690 [ACK] Seq=1 Ack=1 Win=32768 Len=1352120.229566192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYTCP140655486  >  63690 [ACK] Seq=1353 Ack=1 Win=32768 Len=1352130.22961192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYTCP76455486  >  63690 [PSH, ACK] Seq=2705 Ack=1 Win=32768 Len=710140.229614192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYTCP5455486  >  63690 [FIN, ACK] Seq=3415 Ack=1 Win=32768 Len=0150.245719192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYTCP5455486  >  63690 [ACK] Seq=3416 Ack=2 Win=32768 Len=0160.245726192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYFTP59Request: PWD170.260447192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYFTP83Request: RNFR FILEXXXXX180.275011192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYFTP86Request: RNTO FILEYYYYY190.30613192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYFTP60Request: QUIT200.3216192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYTCP5455479  >  21 [FIN, ACK] Seq=147 Ack=449 Win=32768 Len=0210.321714192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYTCP5455479  >  21 [ACK] Seq=148 Ack=450 Win=32768 Len=0221.576145192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYTCP6621  >  63691 [SYN, ACK] Seq=0 Ack=1 Win=8192 Len=0 MSS=1460 WS=256 SACK_PERM=1231.590468192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYFTP81Response: 220 Microsoft FTP Service241.605046192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYFTP77Response: 331 Password required251.620133192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYFTP1088Response: 230-WARNING:261.62016192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYFTP75Response: 230 User logged in.271.634786192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYFTP74Response: 200 Type set to I.281.648881192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYFTP70Response: 215 Windows_NT291.663016192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYFTP88Response: 211-Extended features supported:301.663093192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYFTP72Response:  LANG EN*311.663115192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYFTP107Response:  AUTH TLS;TLS-C;SSL;TLS-P;321.663132192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYFTP61Response:  HOST331.663153192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYFTP91Response:  SIZE341.677245192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYFTP112Response: 200 OPTS UTF8 command successful - UTF8 encoding now ON.351.712574192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYFTP83Response: 250 CWD command successful.361.729417192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYFTP103Response: 550 The system cannot find the file specified. 371.74992192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYFTP107Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode (192,139,152,XXX,237,68).381.764894192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYTCP6660740  >  24973 [SYN, ACK] Seq=0 Ack=1 Win=8192 Len=0 MSS=1460 WS=256 SACK_PERM=1391.788989192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYFTP108Response: 125 Data connection already open; Transfer starting.401.803761192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYTCP5460740  >  24973 [ACK] Seq=1 Ack=2107 Win=131072 Len=0411.807151192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYTCP5460740  >  24973 [ACK] Seq=1 Ack=2108 Win=131072 Len=0421.8073192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYTCP5460740  >  24973 [FIN, ACK] Seq=1 Ack=2108 Win=131072 Len=0431.807392192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYFTP78Response: 226 Transfer complete.441.880154192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYFTP68Response: 221 Good-Bye451.880182192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYTCP5421  >  63691 [FIN, ACK] Seq=1572 Ack=160 Win=130816 Len=0461.895165192.139.152.XXX216.8.153.YYYTCP5421  >  63691 [ACK] Seq=1573 Ack=161 Win=130816 Len=0   
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