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Network Security

Have questions about our Next Generation Firewall products? One of these spaces has the answer!

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Maestro Hyperscale Security

<p>This space is all about Maestro, Check Point's <a href="" target="_blank">Hyperscale Network Security</a> solution. See our Maestro Jump Start course on <a target="_blank" href="">Udemy</a>.</p>

Next Generation Firewall Products

<p>Have questions about <a href="" target="_blank">Application Control</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">URL Filtering</a>, Site-to-Site <a href="" target="_blank">IPsec VPN</a>, Network Address Translation, <a href="" target="_blank">Identity Awareness</a>, and other related technologies? This is the place to ask!</p>

Enterprise Appliances and Gaia OS

<p>Have questions about <a href="" target="_blank">Security Gateway Appliances</a>, Gaia OS, CoreXL, SecureXL, or ClusterXL? This is where to ask them! This also includes legacy operating systems like SecurePlatform, IPSO, or XOS.</p> <p>For <a href="" target="_blank">Small Business Security</a> appliances (600/700/1200R/1400/1500), see the <a href="/t5/SMB-Appliances-and-SMP/bd-p/smb-smb">SMB Appliances and SMP</a> space.</p>

SCADA Solutions

<p>This space covers Check Point's solutions for <a href="" target="_blank">Industrial Control Systems (ICS) & SCADA Security</a>.</p>

Scalable Platforms (41k/44k/61k/64k)

<p>Discussion on Check Point's <a href="" target="_blank">High Performance Scalable Platforms</a>, i.e. the 41000, 44000, 61000, and 64000 Appliances.</p>

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