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vsx_util vsls stopped working in JHF_take_189

After upgrading our MDS and then the VSX Gateways to JHF 189 (from take 91) I am unable to run vsx_util vsls to move the active VS's to the GW that has take 189. I manually failed over the VS's and proceeded on applying the hotfix on the other GW. Now both GW are not responding when I try to redistribute the VS's for load balancing. We have a 13800 appliance in ClusterXL. 

Has anybody encountered this issue with take 189 in VSX environment?

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I would involve TAC here !  Why use JT 189 when the newest GA available is

Take Date CPUSE offline
SmartConsole package
All suitable
(except Smart-1 525/5050/5150 appliances)
12 May 2019
Build 128
Build 128

Just tested on mine - both MDS and VSX are on take 203, works with no issues