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Multi-Domain Management

Discussions related to Check Point's Multi-Domain Security Management solution, also known by it's legacy name: Provider-1.

derilzemer inside Multi-Domain Management 2 weeks ago
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Validation error - empty Validation pane - reason Whitespaces

Hi,my name is Andreas. I'm from Germany and work in a data center for banks and I'm responsible for the operative part. I'm new and not the absolute expert in this case, but still I post something. My English is also not the best, so be patient with me.We have R80.10 in use and after changing some Objects and insert of many new Rules in the Policy from an CMA i become a Publish Failed The Validation Pane is empty and so i haven't no more details what happens 🤔.I know that we have the same problem in the begin of the year and a old Case give me the hint that the problem belongs on a whitspace inside a Rulename.Instead of always asking the support to look for the mistake, I wanted to know how to do it myself. I would then document it a little bit or is that already a kind of trade secret that you should not do that yourself or get any information about how to find the whitespace?Thanks for any help or hintregards from GermanyAndreas
Ankur_Datta inside Multi-Domain Management 3 weeks ago
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automating mds backup

Hi all, I am writing a script to automate mds backup. will running mds_backup with -b parameter will create any problems? we are planning to run this script in midnight when nobody is login into management. for precaution measures, we will enable the setting to log out user from smart console after specific idle time-out. Kindly also let me know if any suggestions please. Thanks
M_Ruszkowski inside Multi-Domain Management 3 weeks ago
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R80.20 MDS Slow

We are having performance issues with our primary MDS running R80.20. Like most people that upgraded from R77.30, we knew that R80.20 was more resource intensive. We purchased very large servers for this, since we run our MDS in VMware. We used multiple Cisco UCS servers with 96 cores, 1.5T Ram, a lot of SSD drives for each UCS server. We then installed VMware and built only one guest for now, the MDS. We used 48cores, 768G ram and assigned 8TB of storage for each MDS VM. All three of our virtual MDS servers are built to these specs on different UCS servers in different data-centers synced. And we just added MLM servers to offload logging.We expected this to be superfast. These VM servers doubled the specs of CheckPoint’s largest platform, the 5150. We only have 61 domains on the primary MDS and about 130 firewalls pointed to it.  Every time we turned on Firemon it would bring the MDS down and all the consoles would crash. CheckPoint support then said that we had too much logging and this was using up too much CPU. So we just installed MLM’s in the past three weeks and offloaded the logging. So now logging comes up way quicker in the SmartConsole. So this got faster. And we noticed the load value dropped from around 20 to about 8.  Even with the drop in load it is not significantly faster.  Consoles still take a while to load and view policy.  When someone reassigns the global policy this can take more than an hour and every console gets extremely slow,    It get worse if we turn on our tools.Whenever we turn on our Firemon collector it causes the load value to go from 8 to around 30. At this point all of our consoles start dropping out. We then have shut off Firemon and restart the MDS because the solr process is locked.   So we can no longer use Firemon. We verified the tuning parameters from CheckPoint’ VM tuning guide.The profile that the server is choosing is:CHOSEN_CPSETUP_PROFILE="131072 or larger without SME"In the Security Management – Performance tuning guide it mentions these values:NGM_CPM_MAX_HEAPNGM_CPM_SOLR_XMXRFL_RFL_MAX_HEAPSMARTVIEW_MAX_HEAPNGM_WEB_API_MAX_MEMORYOurs shows these set pretty low. We have way more resources that we could allocate to these settings.Does anyone know what these are set to in a 5150 with 256g RAM? I was thinking about doubling or quadrupling these memory values.  Maybe our server resources are not being detected and allocated properly.I am hoping that someone else out there may have some insight or has gone through this.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  
Douglas_Hewes inside Multi-Domain Management a month ago
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Two of each policy and each MDS server after CPUSE R80.30 upgrade from R80.10

Just performed an in-place upgrade from R80.10 to R80.30 on an MDS server running on a Smart-1 3150.  The verifier was clean before hand and the upgrade completed successfully, and installed the T50 HFA, rebooted, let it run for an hour or so.  I can log in and manage rules and almost everything looks great.  That said, kind of a weird issue...  I went to open a policy and noticed that each policy is now listed twice with the identical name.  The layers are fine - only one each of those.  Also things like when I select the Gateways and Servers each appliance is listed once, but when I do something like select targets to install the database on, each MDS server is listed twice, again with the identical names.  From what I can tell the policies do appear to be identical, but there are a couple thousand rules so I am not 100%. Anyone seen this before?
Ravindra_Katrag inside Multi-Domain Management 2019-11-08
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Is it Possible to use the vsx_util upgrade tool in MDS to Change VSX Cluster R77.30

Is it Possible to use the vsx_util upgrade tool in MDS to Change VSX Cluster Object from R80.20 to R77.30?
JozkoMrkvicka inside Multi-Domain Management 2019-11-08
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SIC traffic not via CMA IP but via Leading interface (R80.30)

Hello guys, I am testing AWS solution at the moment. I do have AWS Check Point cluster with both members reachable via Internet. I just need to establish SIC from MDS (CMA) which is installed as VM on my laptop (LAB). What I did is that I have build-up new MDS which has access to the internet, but only via a Leading interface (eth0). MDS was able to automatically upgrade Deployment Agent to the latest version and also I installed the latest available Take 50 via the internet.I have created another interface (eth1) which is supposed to be used only for private communication between my PC and CMAs:eth0 = assigned via DHCP - (can reach internet)eth1 = (subnet I simply created new CMA with IP What I want to achieve is that from AWS CMA with IP SIC traffic will go via Internet IP and not via CMA IP tested AWS Data Center Server and I was able to connect from AWS CMA to the AWS via internet: But in case I want to establish SIC, traffic is going from CMA IP, not via MDS IP.Ping from MDS level ( towards AWS member is working.Ping from CMA ( towards AWS member is NOT working. Of course, I have tried to add a static route for this AWS host via, didn't help. Here is output from ifconfig and routing table: I am wondering why CMA IP was assigned to eth0 (eth0:1) as it should be assigned to eth1 (eth1:1) ... Maybe due to the fact that Leading IP is set to eth0 ? There is a similar article about this situation: Multi-Domain Management IP address is used to connect to LDAP instead of relevant Domain IP  Is there any way how to force SIC to be established via MDS IP and not via Domain IP (CMA) ? I can imagine that during the creation of CMA, there will be an option which interface I would like to use for ALL communication originating from CMA.
Kaspars_Zibarts inside Multi-Domain Management 2019-11-06
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MDS performance on R80.20 or above with xfs

Just wondering - whats the general feeling regarding R80.20 MDS file system for those who have upgraded from R80.10 and EXT3 - is the XFS filesystem faster and more efficient? We will be upgrading shortly from R80.10 (current take level) and were hoping for some increased performance in disk read/write.  
Maarten_Sjouw inside Multi-Domain Management 2019-11-06
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Global Domain Install database

I'm currently working on getting the AD authentication working on our MDS and I have been able to setup the AD LDAP account unit in our Global domain. However the connection is not working the way it should, when I try to change anything in the account unit, I can Publish the changes but in the end I know it does not take any effect. There was a mentioning that the Install Database was automatic when you close the SmartConsole to the Global domain, however this also does not seem to work. Example of a change was to change the access to the AD servers from plain LDAP (389) to LDAPS (636). Using tcpdump to see what was sent to the AD server revealed in before and after traces that 389 was used all the time. Not even an attempt to use 636 instead. Anybody any Ideas?
HeikoAnkenbrand inside Multi-Domain Management 2019-11-06
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MDS Upgrade failing from R80.10 to R80.30 (solved)

The upgrade of an MDS server hangs at this point for more than 24 hours.   There are also no CMA's created under: /opt/CPmds-R80.30/customers/ What can you do as next step?TAC case?  
Kaspars_Zibarts inside Multi-Domain Management 2019-11-05
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Importing audit logs in MDS after upgrade with migration (R80.10 to R80.20)

This might be already answered somewhere but I didn't seem to find it. Back in the day when we "migrate" upgraded (having two servers - old and new) our MDS from R77.30 to R80, I was able to copy audit logs manually from old R77.30 VM to R80 appropriate directories and they got indexed and displayed in SmartLog without any issues I'm talking about *.adtlog* logs, more explicitly /var/log/mds_logs/*/log/*adtlog* Last weekend we upgraded from R80.10 to R80.20 using migration option (basically to whole new VM) and I did the ususal - copied audit logs over manually but they don't seem to get indexed and showed in SmartLog. Has anyone else come across this or have a good suggestion? We did upgrade export without logs as they are way too big.  
Maria_Pologova inside Multi-Domain Management 2019-11-04
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Policy Preset limitation

Our current setup includes four Multi-Domain Management servers, where Domain Management servers are spread across all of them in order to distribute the load. R80.20 Take 107The issue/limitation we are facing is that in order for Policy Preset (scheduled or not) to work, we must have Global domain Active on the MDM that holds a DMS with policy targets, what breaks the idea of centralized management and makes policy installation automation far away from straightforward.Also, for the ones who faced the following warning when creating a new Policy Preset - this is the same problem. make sure that Global Domain is active on the MDM that holds the DMS with policy targets.Does someone know if there is a plan to improve this or we need to do a RFE? Additional posts for the similar subjects:Install Policy Presets not working on R80.20 
Gabriel_Support inside Multi-Domain Management 2019-10-23
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Global Domain Assignment Failed: Failed to save the access policy assignment properties

Hi Guys, I am having some problem with assigning global policy to my domains. When I try to assign a global policy to some of the domains, I get this error "Global Domain Assignment Failed: Failed to save the access policy assignment properties"I thought maybe a session is lock somewhere..I clear out all session and still having the same issue. We upgraded from R77.30 to R80.30. Everything looks good after the upgrade except this global policy assignment issue.Any thought or idea on what to check next? I got a ticket open with TAC but no traction so far.
clearblue inside Multi-Domain Management 2019-10-19
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Multi-Domain Security Management

Has checkpoint created a R80 certification test for Multi-Domain Security Management? 
M_Ruszkowski inside Multi-Domain Management 2019-10-15
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R80.20 MLM issues - SmatLog is blank

We have been working with CheckPoint on slowness with our MDS server.  Check Point stated that we need to purchase a MLM (two of them) and off load our logging.  So I just installed a brand new MLM 4 weeks ago on R80.20 and synced it to our MDS.  I then built about 20+ CLM's and everything seemed to work as expected.  As i was setting up new CLM's and changing the log config for each cluster to point to the CLM, we started running into issues.  The logs would not appear in the log view of the console.  Some CLM's worked and others did not.  I was able to verify that the the logs were on the CLM from the gateways.  I configured the log exporter and they were being exported to Splunk from the CLM.  Also you could see the fw.log file growing on the CLM.  However nothing would show in the console.  I continued to build new CLM's,  and three may work fine then the fourth one I built would do the same thing where the logs could not be seen.  I have 54 CLM's built and about 8 that will not work.  I have tried deleting them and recreating them.  We got two to work by just changing the color of the CLM object, publish, and then do an "install database" again.  This seemed to have synced something.   Sometimes ones that were working will just stop.  Then we have to change the object color again and install database again to get the logs back.So with all of that said...I have been on the phone with TAC/CFG and now R&D to get this to work.  And still no luck. It seems to be some type of sync issue between the MDS and MLM.  And we have ran the "clean dbsync" script several times with TAC.  This has been going on for a month.  Has anyone else ran into this issue?  Or are having issues with the MLM?Any help is appreciated.Regards, 
Leandro_Nicolet inside Multi-Domain Management 2019-10-13
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SIC Issues - Internal SSL authentication SSL error (unknown)

Hi Folks. We are on R80.10 (take 184) running VSX gateways with a multi domain manager. We noticed last week on one of the VSX gateway clusters that policy installs were failing.Further investigation revealed SIC was failing on one gateway only in the cluster (of two). This was preventing a policy install to any VS on that gateway.We reset SIC from within the management CMA for the failing gateway and confirmed both gateways are responding to SIC. Re-installed the policy to the appliance (not the VS).Returning to the CMA managing several VS's, we still can't deploy to any VS on that firewall and get 'Internal SSL authentication SSL error (unknown). We can only deploy the policy to the firewall hosting the VS's from the management CMA.Also....upon resetting SIC and restarting services etc, the VS's stay in a 'down' state. They can be forced to start individually by going into each VS and doing a 'cphastart' along with 'fw ctl setsync start'. They do start with active/standby (we run VSLS), but the connection tables are not syncing.Bit of history....We did an export of R77.30 management 18 months ago and imported this onto new hardware. Same ip's and hostnames used etc.Couple of things puzzling me. First of all I would have thought both gateways in the cluster would fail of it was an expiration issue as both were deployed at the same time and SIC is working in the management CMA and we can install the policy to the appliance.Anyone seen this ?