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You have to stop the MDS to import a CMA ?!

I am in disbelief this morning...

This is our first attempt to import/migrate_CMA whilst on R80.20 and now I find the following

cma_migrate /var/log/xxxxxxx.tgz /opt/CPmds-R80/customers/xxxxxxxxx_CMA/CPsuite-R80.20/fw1

Your Multi-Domain Server should NOT be running while you import.
cma_migrate will now stop the Multi-Domain Server.
Do you want to continue [yes/no] ? no

Surely the whole point of a multi-domain, multi-tenanted solution is that you can build a new customer management domain whilst still running the rest of the production domains - apparently not any more in R80.20 - we could in ALL previous versions of Check Point... why no more ?

Does anyone have any insight into this please ?



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have you tried only stopping the MDS level, mdsstop -m which will only disable the MDS GUI not all the other CMA's and try to import again, when done do a mdsstart -m and you are back online.

Regards, Maarten
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Hi Maarten,

No i did not try this ,but as you can see from the cma_migrate script, if you say yes, then it stops everything.....I am not sure doing an mdsstop -m before the script would solve anything but thanks for the idea.

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The same has happened in R80.10 after installing jumbo take 169, apparently the change was introduced in take 169 or a take or two before the 169.

The cma_migrate script now leaves no other options but to do full stop and each import would mean management downtime for all MDS customers!

Some lines from the script:

EchoNLog "************************ NOTICE *********************************"
EchoNLog "Your Multi-Domain Server should NOT be running while you import."
EchoNLog "cma_migrate will now stop the Multi-Domain Server."
EchoNLog "*****************************************************************"
# we can ask the user questions
ask_user "Do you want to continue"
if [ "$ASK_USER_ANS" = "n" -o "$ASK_USER_ANS" = "no" -o "$ASK_USER_ANS" = "N" -o "$ASK_USER_ANS" = "NO" ]
        exit 0

#stop the MDS but let global domain run
mdsstart -m

Why, software developers, why?

Is this limitation described anywhere in jumbo release notes?


Eran Habad‌ could you please comment on this issue?

Regards, Maarten
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We are running R80.30 and it is fixed in JHF19.  i would see if there is a fix in your R80,x version.

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