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Smart Update MDS per Domain view


In documentation it is written that 

The SmartUpdate provides a global view of all licenses available and all of the assigned licenses. 


But when we open Smart Update from specific DMS, shouldn't we see only the licences repository that is relevant only for this particular Domain? 

Currently when I launch Smart Update from DMS and try to attach a licence, I need to search through the entire repository, which is a bit annoying.

Is is a bug or a feature?

R80.20 Take 87.


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Re: Smart Update MDS per Domain view

I have noticed the same behavior in the R80.30 MDS, my guess is that there is still nobody really working on problems with this licensing part.
My second guess is that the SmartUpdate application will be made redundant in R80.50 maybe?
Regards, Maarten

Re: Smart Update MDS per Domain view

Maybe R81 will be necessary in order to get rid of the legacy applications 😛


Re: Smart Update MDS per Domain view

Some of the legacy applications haven't been updated for all of the changes made in R80.x.
The ultimate goal is to roll the functionality of all of these applications into SmartConsole.
Using SmartUpdate to perform upgrades, which was actually broken with the move to CPUSE before R80, is something that is planned for R80.40.
Not sure about the plans for the licensing piece.
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