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R80.10 MDS Provisioning for edge and 1100 SGs

Hi All.

Couple of questions on R80.10 SmartProvisioning.

Customer is currently running R77.30 Multi-Domain Services. SmartProvisioning Software Blade is currently being used to manage around 1700 edge and 1100 series Security Gateways.

1. Does R80.10 EA Multi-Domain version include SmartProvisioning?

2. If it does include SmartProvisioning what enhancements are there as looking at the R80.10 EA release notes there is no mention of SmartProvisioning?



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Re: R80.10 MDS Provisioning for edge and 1100 SGs

SmartProvisioning isn't available in R80.10 GA either, however it is something that will be added in a later releases

If you can highlight specific use cases for SmartProvisioning you are using, it will help R&D to prioritize their plans.

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