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MDS Migration and export


We are running R80.10 and need to migrate to R80.30 on a new appliance. This is a MDS HA pair, across 2 sites. I can export the MDS configuration fine, using the mds_setup utility from the upgrade tools. My problem is, I do not have enough space for the export when I choose to export the log database and indexes. 

We do have a SmartEvent server that corelates the logs and provides the necessary reports. I would like to export or copy the log files to the new server. If I manually copied the log files and log indexes, after building the new server, would that work? Would Smartlog still display the logs?

If I rebuilt the new server without the logs, what effect would that have on SmartEvent?

Many thanks

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Re: MDS Migration and export

When the migration is done, you can SCP the log files over to the new appliance. Only issue is that you cannot only copy the indexes and then alter copy the log files, so you need to rebuild the indexes.
The SmartEvent server has it's own log and Index files, so that should not be affected.
Regards, Maarten
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