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Clean up a failed import R80.20 MDS?

Hey guys I was doing a test migration for a MDS from R80.10 to R80.20, export runs fime but on th import it fails 3 domains out of 29. Now I got a SK to remediate the problems but now do I need to reinstall the machine or can I run a cleanup script?
Regards, Maarten
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Unfortunately in this case you are stuck doing a reload.  Anytime I'm about to do a migrate import of a large/complex configuration and/or I have any suspicions whatsoever that it might fail, I perform a migrate export of the "clean" config first before running the migrate import.  Restoring the "clean" copy after an import failure will still take awhile, but it sure beats the effort of a reload...


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Yeah I was afraid of that as well, problem is that I do not have sufficient access to the VM environment to do a clean install, so I'm depending on someone else for that.
Regards, Maarten

Hi Marteen,

I would like to understand more about the failure you had on 3 domains and see how it can be addressed. Please, feel free to contact me -