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Spaces for Check Point's solutions for Enterprise Mobile Security and Mobile Document Management.

Rodrigo_Silva inside Capsule Workspace Wednesday
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Capsule Workspace does not support MFA (two factor autentication).

Hi everyone,I'd like to share some issues I had setting up Capsule Workspace with our Office 365 accounts.I made the configuration with the help of sk103721.In the Single Sign On screen I had to leave it configured for the user to enter the email and password.I could not make single login work. We are using Microsoft MFA, and Capsule Workspace does not support this.To work you need to create an app password.After that the application works normally.I hope this helps you.Good luck.  
XBensemhoun inside SandBlast Mobile a week ago
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SMBv2-v3 on Mobile Access File Share (and not only SMBv1 - CIFS)

Hi,I've found some unclear information regarding Server_Message_Block versions supported on mobile-access-blade file-share functionality.What is unclear? We have "A file share defines a collection of files (...) such as SMB for Windows" in the MobileAccess Admin Guide R77 or in the sk104577 ATRG: Mobile Access Blade .Even the sk111097 Slow upload speed of files via Mobile Access File Share (CIFS for example) says "CIFS for example".BUT referring the sk112202 File Shares using SMBv2/SMBv3 cannot be accessed using the Mobile Access Blade File Share application : Mobile Access only support SMBv1 (formerly CIFS) and not SMBv2 nor SMBv3 (on any version and any platform).Even in the ATRG, we have the picture bellow:So, could we:Be more accurate and say that only SMBv1 (CIFS) is supported on Mobile Access File Share functionalitysupport SMBv2 or SMBv3 ?I've asked yesterday ‌ team to understand if there is a plan to support such versions.
Jeff inside Capsule Docs 2 weeks ago
views 339 3

Capsule Docs (viewer, editor) doesn't install on the macOS Catalina

Hello everyone.Did someone try to install this app on the Catalina?I have an error. 
inside SandBlast Mobile 2 weeks ago
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How to open a SandBlast Mobile Trial Dashboard? a Step-by-Step guide

So you decided to open a SandBlast Mobile Trial Dashboard? This is how you do it!Go To -> Click on Menu -> Click on “User Center”(Optional Phase) – If you don’t have User Center account:If you are a customerEnter your detailsClick “To create an account click here”Click “Explore the user center” and NextEnter the user Details and click SubmitIf you are Check Point SEEnter your detailsClick “To create an account click here”Click “Explore the user center” and NextEnter the user Details and click Submit If you are Check Point Partner that already sell Check Point solutionsEnter your detailsClick “To create an account click here”Click “Explore the user center” and NextEnter the user Details and click SubmitIf you do have a user OR after you get your user details:Sign in inside the User Center ( to “Winning the security market” -> product evaluation:Go to “Other evaluation option” -> select a product -> Cloud -> Check Point SandBlast Mobile EVAL (Mobile Threat Prevention EVAL) -> NextProvide the evaluation info (customer User Center number & Requester email address and the rest of the questions) -> Click “Get Evaluation”This will generate a license for a new SBM Dashboard -> the license will be used to activate the SBM Dashboard -> you will get a license to your mailLog on to the SBM Activation FormEnter your User Center credentials -> Click sign inFill in the form:Pick the license you just createdPick the dashboard’s namePick the regionPick the first administrator nameClick “Create”Get a confirmation email with the URL to your SBM dashboard -> click on “Activate your account”Activate the dashboard (enter your new password)Enter the dashboardFor more information on how to use the SandBlast Mobile dashboard, please contact your regional Check Point's Mobility Expert.
inside Capsule Workspace 3 weeks ago
views 439

[CWS] Can our CWS support the reverse proxy to access the internet website?

Hi experts Could anyone know if our CWS can support the corporate reverse proxy to access the internet website? As below topology shown, the cws mobile client needs to access the internet website , such as Then, the customer wants the access path could be routed to the corporate network and access the internet website through the corporate proxy servers. The reason, the customer wants to deliver the corporate compatible rule in the cws client. If not in only one MAB blade, what's product or blade should be involved to match the requirement? Capsule connect?  Thanks a lot!
inside Capsule Workspace 3 weeks ago
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[CWS] how to config checking the root detection in the deployed CWS client?

Hi all Could anybody know how to set the root detection to block access from the rooted android mobile? I find only the jailbroken devices can be configured to  blocked in the default profile (attached the snapshot for the settings). We have no 3th party MDM installed the android mobile.  Thanks a lot!
simsl inside Capsule Docs 2019-12-17
views 944 3

Android App - Can't open CCSA Manual with Check Point Capsule Docs

Hey,I'm studying for the CCSA cert - and want to via the course material with the Check Point Capsule Docs app to be able to read in on the go.I install the app from the Play Store ("Check Point Capsule Docs"), and open it and set a passcode, and then it leaves me at a screen which says to open the protected PDFs with the app.Doing this, I am prompted to allow the app access to files on the device, which I allow, but then get kicked out of the app with a message "An error occurred when opening this file."I have reinstalled the app, and also redownloaded the file from the link I was provided going to atc,, and confirmed that the file opens on the Desktop application Capsule Docs Viewer on windows, and when opened on the android device without capsule docs, does open and shows the expected "this document is protected" single page.I have had the same issue with both my OnePlus 6T running Android 9, and my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 running Android 7.Uploading the file to to view from a web gui seems to hang on the POST request to upload the file, and never manages to get the file visible on the web viewer document list. Has anyone had this issue before and been able to work around it at all? I believe this is an issue with the Android app itself as I borrowed an iPhone 8 to test this, and the iOS app seemed perfectly capable of loading and viewing the file after I completed the login prompts (whereas Android doesn't even ask me for creds!) Thanks.
romane-sfx inside Capsule Workspace 2019-11-29
views 394 1

Capsule Workspace. Multiple Exchange accounts

Dear all, is it possible to use several Native Mail applications at once in Capsule Workspace? Example: User has two accounts in two domains (Domain1 and Domain2), there are two Exchange servers in both domains. Is it possible to integrate those Exchange mailboxes in Capsule Workspace to use them at once?Currently we can use only one Exchange (Domain1) in Capsule Workspace thank you 
Abderrahim_MABR inside Capsule Docs 2019-11-12
views 694 5

MAC OS - Can't open CCSA Manual with Check Point Capsule Docs

Hello,I'm studying for the CCSA cert - and I want to open the file (Manual-CCSA-R80.10.pdf) with Adobe Acrobat DC Reader 2019 on MAC OS Mojava version 10.14I encountered two issues : -  After the installation of CapsuleDocs.dmg (Capsule Docs Editor), i can't find the application in the Launchpad. - I can't open the file with  Adobe Acrobat DC Reader 2019 (message : This document is protected)Has anyone else run into this? 
Rajanikant_Chat inside SandBlast Mobile 2019-11-07
views 315

How to enable UDM portal on top of R80.10 Management server(Dedicated for udm only)?

Hi All,I have a requirement for a customer to implement on prim solution for check Point sandblast Mobile. I did try to install sandblast mobile connector on the dedicated Management server but unable to find any document by which I can enable UDM_Portal on to it.I have already followed sk116412 but don't get clarity on how to enable UDM portal on top of R80.10. Thanks,
Kim_Moberg inside SandBlast Mobile 2019-10-15
views 475 2 1

Sandblast Mobile Collect logs for iOS

Hi,I haven't been able to find any ways to collect logs in Sandblast Mobile running iOS 13.1.2I am running Sandblast Mobile ver. 3.5.580.Having issues streaming Netflix movies from the iOS Netflix app to AppleTV.When having Network Protection enabled I and my users experiencing issues streaming movies to AppleTV. When Network Protection disabled (disable VPN) on iOS streaming works but as soon Network Protection are enabled problem starts again. Guess the vpn (local hosts) are interfering while streaming.Any suggestions?Thanks 
Partner_Integra inside Capsule Workspace 2019-10-11
views 555 1

create a mobile application access from capsule workspace

Hi,I need to enable access for certain users from our LAN to a Qlik Sense application (the application installed on my private phone).there is an option to configure it on R80.10?Thanks!
Daniel_Taney inside Capsule Docs 2019-10-01
views 3559 7 1

Capsule Docs & Check Point Courseware

I raised this issue in an older thread where a similar discussion was started but have kind of hit a wall, so I figured it may deserve its own thread. We bought electronic copies of the CCSA/CCSE courseware and I am stuck trying to get the Capsule Docs Viewer that was designated for use with these eBooks to integrate into Adobe Reader DC (CPDS-Viewer bundle).I followed the installation instructions to the letter on two different Windows 10 machines with the same result. No matter what, I cannot get the documents to open in Adobe Reader. All I get is the single page indicating the document is protected:I am able to view the documents in the traditional Capsule Docs reader, but I have the well documented problem of being unable to print the document in its entirety. So, I know my permissions to access the document are correct and functional. I just can't get this "add-on" to work in Adobe Reader.Has anyone else run into this?Thanks!-Dan
NilsKS inside SandBlast Mobile 2019-09-20
views 371

SMTP Office 365

Hi, I am trying to configure SMTP in Sandblast Mobile. We're using Office 365 so I tried this setup: Ref., this does not work.... Verification failed.Do we really need to use our internal SMTP server for this?? BR,Nils
iosman123 inside SandBlast Mobile 2019-09-10
views 526 3 1

Anyone using CheckPoint SandBlast Mobile Security App?.

Hello, I'm looking for some actual real-world tangible everyday reviews of CheckPoint "SandBlast" mobile security app for iOS and Android. Our Cybersecurity team is considering testing/evaluating it, and maybe asking for my input on how to integrate that into our MDM deployment, etc.But all I'm finding for SandBlast are the usual slick marketing pamphlets and click-bait hoorah hoorah "it's so great". I'd like to find some actual fair analysis. (that is presuming anyone is using it.. which I'd presume CheckPoint is fairly "behind the times".. but that could just be ignorant prejudice on my side). thanksiosman
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