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dhagemeier inside Capsule Docs 11 hours ago
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Capsule Docs & Check Point Courseware

I am using Capsule Docs, when attempting to save a document in Word (O365) the application will close abruptly, when i disable Capsule Docs, Word works correctly.  Any thoughts?
idhammer inside SandBlast Mobile Tuesday
views 59 4

CK for SandBlast Mobile

Hi all,Anyone know how CK for SBM is assigned?Is it different CK for each device, or same CK for one single order?For example, I'm ordering 100 x CP-MTP-DVC-1Y (per device). Will all of them have same or different CK?Thanks in advance.
idhammer inside SandBlast Mobile Tuesday
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SBM Service Status

Hi all.In checking CheckPoint Service Status, I am refering to this: can't find SandBlast Mobile there. Anyone know where to look?(Why I need the status: to correspond with SBM's SLA stating the service uptime is equ...
Daniel_Taney inside Capsule Docs 2 weeks ago
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Capsule Docs & Check Point Courseware

I raised this issue in an older thread where a similar discussion was started but have kind of hit a wall, so I figured it may deserve its own thread. We bought electronic copies of the CCSA/CCSE courseware and I am stuck trying to get the Capsule...
Dilian_Chernev inside Capsule Workspace 3 weeks ago
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Capsule Workspace for IOS cannot connect with R80.20 GW

Hi Mates,After upgrading firewall to R80.20, Capsule Workspace for IOS had a problems connecting with the GW.Problematic devices were working properly with R80.10 before upgrade, and I have successfully tested them recently against other R80.10 GW...
inside SandBlast Mobile 4 weeks ago
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February 2019 Release Notes Bulletin

Granular Policies is now GAONP: Full URL prevention over HTTP for malicious sitesONP: FaceTime connectivity issue resolvedONP: Man-in-the-Middle attack prevention (early availability)
inside SandBlast Mobile 4 weeks ago
views 166

ONP: Man-in-the-Middle attack prevention (early availability)

On-device Network Protection's MitM protection will now provide prevention, not just detection and a user warning.This feature enables users to keep working securely without requiring them to change networks during Man-in-the-Middle attacks.This f...
inside SandBlast Mobile 4 weeks ago
views 120

ONP: FaceTime connectivity issue resolved

With the release of SandBlast Mobile Protect v3.3, an interoperability issue between On-device Network Protection and Apple's FaceTime app that caused connectivity issues has been resolved.Users only need to update to the latest SandBlast Mob...
inside SandBlast Mobile 4 weeks ago
views 204 1

ONP: Full URL prevention over HTTP for malicious sites

On-device Network Protection now blocks access to phishing, malicious, or other site categories based on URL inspection.Previously, blocking was based on the fully qualified domain name, but now ONP will block based on full HTTP URL as well as ful...
George_Rabidin1 inside SandBlast Mobile a month ago
views 57

How to change server address?

Hi all. How can I change the server address in the email customization? The default <Server Address PLACEHOLDER> is used, but in the actual mail "gw" is mentioned.
inside SandBlast Mobile ‎02-23-2019 06:15:04 AM
views 116 2

Some questions about the Capsule Workspace

Hi allDoes anybody know the answer as below questions about the Capsule Workspace?1.Can we support the mobile user can not screen scraping in the capsule workspace?If can, then how to achieve it?2. Can the workspace users change their AD password ...
Christine_Chung inside Capsule Docs ‎02-13-2019 01:27:16 PM
views 93 4

Capsule Docs Causing Microsoft Excel to Lag

Hello.I have installed checkpoint clients on Windows machines running Microsoft office and when I install the capsule docs blade, Microsoft Excel lags. Is there a way to sort out this problem?
Dmitry_Nesterki inside Capsule Docs ‎02-12-2019 11:36:59 AM
views 183 5

Capsule Docs on Android - can't open study books

Hello.We are unable to open CheckPoint study books in Capsule Docs on Android.We install the app, enter passcode, enter account credentials, tap on "trust the server" message (see attachment) and then get back to passcode. After that we are in a l...
Spectrumtech_MS inside Capsule Workspace ‎02-03-2019 05:37:15 AM
views 107 3

Capsule workspace notifications stop working

hello allHas anyone else’s experienced an issue where capsule workspace notifications (exchange mail) stop working and then , start again with no changes made to policy and/or config ???seems that checkpoint cloud notification service is notorious...
John_Binnington inside Capsule Docs ‎01-31-2019 03:33:59 PM
views 3693 2 1

Capsule Docs App issues ISWMGR

So I was using Capsule Docs App (not viewer as the performance was shockingly bad).  However, although I could now read my protected content without issue in Adobe, whenever I opened a MS Office application my Cylance protection kicked in for...