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smartevent error

the smartevent client blade  r80.40 take 102 gives the following error a couple of times per day. What does it mean? 

I have tested it in my datacenter and in the cloud with and without proxy and I see the same errors. I guess that anyone using smartevent may be getting this error.

The analysis of a network capture matching this error shows a connection to, sends application data after it has received the FIN from the SMS and it has actually replied with the FIN/ACK.
When the app data packet get to the SMS, the SMS replies with a TCP RST as expected

Time: 2021-04-30T10:14:52Z
Id: 0a470b47-2f94-770a-608b-d89c00040001
Sequencenum: 2
Description: Reports Update Web updates
Reason: Server replied with no results.
Severity: Medium
Status: Failed
Version: R80.40
Failure Impact: Reports Update Web updates failed
Update Service: 1
Type: Control
Blade: SmartEvent Client
Origin: fm
Product Family: Network
Marker: @A@@B@1619737200@C@24136
Log Server Origin: ip1
Orig Log Server Ip: ip1
Index Time: 2021-04-30T10:15:14Z
Lastupdatetime: 1619777692000
Lastupdateseqnum: 2
Rounded Sent Bytes: 0
Confidence Level: N/A
Rounded Bytes: 0
Stored: true
Rounded Received Bytes:0



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