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migrate_server instead of migrate export/import

Dear all,

When the management server is running R80.20 or higher, and you'd like to upgrade to a higher version, you'd propably done that is the past with database script "migrate export".

Now, a new script is in place, and it is a different way to do the export/import as in the past.


I have already walked through the process, but still have some questions, perhaps someone is able to provide some answers.

  1. hugh diffecence in filesize
    • a migrate export on my R80.20 server with the old tool to the same version (R80.20) results in a filesize of 1,7GB.
    • export with the new tool to version R80.40 results in a filesize of ~350MB (without logs/indexes) - wow, that's a lot much less. After the import, I saw, that any database revisions are gone. Is this the reason?
  2. slow import process
    • I've used the upgrade tool, build version 993000252 (sk135172) 
    • it took round about 1 hour to import the database. I have the feeling, that the script is slower than the old method. But what Im missing, is a progress bar or anything else. However, no logfile was written (/var/log/opt/CPshrd-R80.40/migrate*). . A liitle more conversation would be good.


The server is running on HP DL360 Gen8, 16 Cores, 48 GB RAM.

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